Toyota Liteace Hand Brake Adjustment Question

mss2006, Aug 15, 5:25am
Just failed a WOF due to much travel in the hand brake handle.

My question is (assuming the problem is not within the drums) is how do I adjust out the slack in the hand brake cable!

(The van passed the rear foot brake test.)

Ive had a look on Google but no luck in finding instruction.

Can anyone advise or post a link to a manual, that would be appreciated to get me started.


andy61, Aug 15, 5:50am
Take the drumsoff and adjust the shoes out until the drums just fit back on.

mugenb20b, Aug 15, 5:53am
You can't assume. That's the first thing you need to eliminate.

andrewph, Aug 15, 7:09am
There are slots in the back of the backing plates. With the back wheels off the ground and the handbrake off, remove the rubber plugs from their slots and insert a screwdriver through the backing plate to turn the adjuster inside. its a star shaped wheel and will only rotate one way. So do it only one or two clicks at a time. You do not want to go to far and have the shoes drag on the drum. Once this is done then look around the handbrake lever and you should see the end of the cable with 2 10mm nuts on it slacken off the top one as its only there as a lock nut. Wind up the nuts to shorten the cable length and still have clearance so the brakes dont drag. Done

gastirling, Aug 15, 7:56am
The 2003 model has the cable adjustment underneath, brake shoe condition/adjustment should be checked first as already explained.

mss2006, Aug 15, 9:42am
Great, thanks for the advice everyone ;)

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