Car With Certificate For Dual Brake & Gas Pedals Q

ema1, Aug 11, 11:52am
If a car for sale has disability dual brake and gas pedals fitted and has a Cert for this modification, what's the go in regards to "De Certifying" if removing the dual pedal assembly as such as a new buyer might not require the modification!
Listing # 502019254is car in question.

llortmt, Aug 11, 11:55am
Remove extra pedals, remove cert plate, done.

ema1, Aug 11, 12:03pm
The Cert would have a registered number would it not , was wondering if it being "De Certified" that action would need to be notified to an issuing authority or WOF authority!

supernova2, Aug 11, 10:23pm
I think you have to recert as it now no longer meets the existing cert!Sure I've seen that somewhere but can't remember where.

lookoutas, Aug 12, 4:31am
Jeez - my wife would like one of those left hand peddles!

motorboy2011, Aug 12, 5:08am
will need to be re-certed. same goes with the likes of aftermarket suspension, if you go back to standard suspension, it needs to be re-certed.
If the wof guy pulls you up on it is another matter

kazbanz, Aug 12, 5:09am
OP To start with thats not a disability dual control its a jap driving school car possibly used in NZ as a driving school car.
JUST removing the actual pedals/linkages within the cabin isn't a biggie.--provided the hydraulics remain undesturbed.
Removing the brake and clutch "plumbing" can be a nightmare. Without looking under the car I can't say what would be involved but usually it involves a new/second hand master cylinder and a lot of the brake lines/joins replaced.
The accelerator is usually a lot easier due to being simply a second cable.

ema1, Aug 12, 5:29am
It would be interesting to find out what the braking set up actually is in that car, there won't be any clutch "plumbing" as it's automatic.!

kazbanz, Aug 12, 5:36am
dual circuit with extra prop valves. The easiest fix is to rip it all out and fit standard stuff from master down

ema1, Aug 12, 10:19am
I could do that no probs , done near on 16years in the motor trade up to 1988 when I left it.
Might take a while though, I'm not so able these days!

tshop, Aug 12, 10:49am
Not that easy bud'

bitsy_boffin, Aug 12, 10:53am
I wonder if there are any laws in regard to actually using those left side pedals, or indeed the left seat!

Seems like it could be quite dangerous to just let any person (like, say, a kid) sit in the passenger seat.

ema1, Aug 12, 10:38pm
Exactly the thing I was wondering about actually.

tnt423, Aug 12, 11:25pm
If you remove the pedals and put everything back to factory, you can take it back to a cert guy and they can remove the plate and take the cert off the computer, some will do it for free others will charge.

kazbanz, Aug 12, 11:43pm
tnt --what is factory though! wasthis car one that was built with dual circuit brakes in the factory!

sr2, Aug 12, 11:50pm
You may be jumping to conclusions here Kaz; I have seen many dual control setups where there was a mechanical linkage from the additional pedal to the one on the driver??

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