Bottle brake fluid 15 yrs old-usable or chuck it?

greenwing, Aug 11, 6:34am
I've got a large 1/2 full plastic bottle of dot3 brake fluid bottle about 15 years old. Been sitting with the cap screwed on, is it still ok to use or should I throw it out!. Cheers.

farwest, Aug 11, 6:34am
Toss it out.

jmma, Aug 11, 6:36am
Umm, wonders why we change brake fluid in our cars (o:
Biff it.

johnf_456, Aug 11, 6:40am
Toss it, brake fluid is cheap

carclan, Aug 11, 6:42am
It is hydroscopic and sucks up moisture so biff it

unbeatabull, Aug 11, 6:44am
Throw it . its no more then $15 for a new bottle.

kngfhrt, Aug 11, 7:40am
just love all tha enviro friendly answrs on here! why not just pour it dwn sum old grand daddy snappers gurgler then you try n eat it!ur all tossers!

NZTools, Aug 11, 7:50am
Did anyone say pour it down the stormwater drain! No.

By "tossit/bin it/throw it out" they are simply saying dont use it.
I'm sure the Op will have the brains to dispose of it responsibly.

carkitter, Aug 11, 7:51am
The choices are use it in the braking system which will seriously degrade the performance of the brakes under hard use possibly causing an accident leading to serious injury or death, or dispose of it responsibly. Are you saying that risking serious injury or death is less important than your over blown environmental concern!

aragorn2003, Aug 11, 7:52am
Jump to conclusions much! . Must carry around afew face cloths to clean all the egg off your face.

mugenb20b, Aug 11, 8:20am
It will only be a small amount so won't do any harm. Would make a good weed killer or paint stripper.

mrfxit, Aug 11, 8:23am
IF. it's exposed to the open air for any more then a few minutes, yea .
IF. it's a sealed/ closed bottle & hasn't been left open since last time it was used then " hydroscopic" is of no concern

xs1100, Aug 11, 9:41am
lot of IF S there and for the sake of stopping when someone runs a red just dispose of it responsibily (so that no snapper are hurt) and buy some new stuff

mrfxit, Aug 11, 9:44am
IF . it was my bottle, then I would already know it's history
OP sounds as if they KNOW that bottles history fairly well.

AND . it's only 2 "IF's"since when was TWO of anything = lots

hijacka, Aug 11, 11:03am
Not all brake fluid is cheap johnf456. I pay $80 for 500ml

sr2, Aug 11, 11:23am
The term you were after is "hygroscopic".

unbeatabull, Aug 11, 11:59am
Wait what! Did it come in a gold container!

$15 for 500ml for any reputable brand. What'd you buy! Is it race DOT 5 stuff or something

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