Car jumping out of 5th gear

thelms, Oct 16, 9:05am
What would cause this!92 nissan primera 190,000kms

a.woodrow, Oct 16, 10:37am
The teeth are worn on 5th gear. take the gear out, turn it around and get another 190k out of it

singing1, Oct 16, 12:07pm
Many years ago a mate had a CF Bedford van that kept jumping out of top gear but one day found that if he hung his bag of apples (his lunch) over the gear knob it didn't do it any more. So my solution for you is go and buy a bag apples.or banana' least with banana's if it doesn't work you can throw them inside the gearbox.that might work eh!

budgel, Oct 16, 8:46pm
Check that the lever isnt touching the floorpan, or very close to it, when in fifth. It can sometimes be worn engine mounts causing the engine to rock a bit and make the lever hit the floorpan, knocking it out of gear.

afer_daily, Oct 17, 1:14am
could allways change your gear knob to 4 speed

flagheaven, Oct 17, 1:59am
sure its fifth gear and NOT reverse ! LOL : )

a.woodrow, Oct 17, 3:43am
Jumping out of 5th gear is a common fault in early primera's

kcf, Oct 17, 7:22am
Very common in the Pulsar / Primera gearbox.The car isn't worth much, so your best bet is buy a second hand gearbox and hope for the best.

the-lada-dude, Oct 17, 7:35am
afer _ daily is onto it

sr2, Oct 17, 11:13am
LOL. Are you sure it wasn't a CAV Bedford (pre CF with sliding doors), they had a 3 speed colum change and the apples would have worked a treat.

hatchback, Dec 31, 8:04am
bungy cord