Engine running rough

drew2009, Nov 3, 5:15am
I drive a Honda Rafaga 5cyl.
At times the engine runs rough and shudders particularly at idle and during acceleration.
It comes and goes completely at random, it does it when the engine is hot, not when its cold, when i first start the car its fine but it starts running bad as it warms up.
Today it started dropping power when it did it as well.
Any ideas what might be up with it!

shagged, Nov 3, 5:27am
fuel injectors

drew2009, Nov 3, 6:29am
yeah it sure does. will pull them out and have a look. i changed to twin electrode platinum plugs a few months ago maybe il change back to standard copper ones.

drew2009, Nov 3, 7:36am
Thanks will have a looksee tomorrow.

drew2009, Jan 28, 10:04am
You were spot on about the oil down the spark plug tubes fish.
Fortunately HT leads are fine though.
Car was slightly overfilled with oil and plug tube seals are getting old, all the spark plugs were soaked :(. so buying a new set of seals this payday.
Anyone got any ideas where i could buy some new spark plug tube seals!
I wouldn't have thought they'd have to be specifically for my car they are only round rubber sealing washers.