V8 Supercar race withdrawal

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smac, Oct 31, 10:06pm
People seem to get all misty eyed and patriotic about this, forgetting the fact that this is 100% about dollars for V8 supercars. Nobody there is saying they want to pull out of NZ, however if it doesn't make $$ sense, they will not be here. The fact the Bahrain race still happens is proof of that. Make it worth their while, and they'll be there - that race does absolutely nothing what so ever for image, brand expansion or anything like that, but Bahrain put money in their pocket so they're there.

I personally don't think we have the population base to support a street race of that scale - the hit on any one local authority is too large unless central Govt is prepared to support it (which successive Govt's have shown they are not). The only way a large international event like that succeeds is by international visitors traveling for it, and a single race in the V8's just doesn't do that.

SO it's pretty much HD or nothing. Hope they make it work.I'd go. I went to the first Hamilton race and am one of the silent majority ( a fact the detractors forget) that had a great time.

kwkbrk, Oct 31, 10:10pm
If I recall the issue with Wellington was the 200m or so of the new track that didn`t have Resource Consent. The Labour Government of the day made it abundantly clear that no matter how much money was spent it was never going to happen, so Prendergast with no other option pulled the pin.

socram, Oct 31, 11:51pm
How about talking to the track owners on a regular basis!Can't get much closer than that.
I asked where he had heard it and that is a reasonable question to ask is it not!Not a hissy fit, just a request.

Message boards abound with rumours and mis-information.Making a guess, or passing an opinion, we can all do, but stating that someone in power has said something is a different issue.

I have been involved in HD since way before the intial project was even made public and have known the two surviving principals since the early 1980s.Is that good enough!The 3rd principal sadly passed away before the track really started, but he was instrumental in finding the initial location (which was originally just up the road).All 3 were previously committee members of a well known classic car club, before they went out on their own and set up their own car club with a more ambitious direction and a broader philosophy.

mopsy3, Oct 31, 11:52pm
I have heard that Hampton Downs now has a new owner. And he bought it off the bank.

socram, Nov 1, 3:58am
And the new owner is!

mopsy3, Nov 1, 9:26pm
I am not going to pass names about but he owns a very large transport company and has not been involved in this type of thing before but is keen to get the whole thing up and running properly once and for all. Not saying it's the truth but it has come from a very reliable source within motorsport.

smac, Nov 1, 10:21pm
Why not! If it was worth mentioning.

gunsmoke4, Nov 1, 11:26pm
Big Jim!

socram, Nov 2, 12:33am
Heard that rumour weeks ago, but at this stage, just that. I think there is an X in the name!If it has been sold, then I am surprised it hasn't made the news!

mopsy3, Nov 2, 2:34am
Must be different name socram but I agree, which is why I will not mention names, I would have thought it fairly newsworthy if it has actually happened.

socram, Nov 4, 5:25am
HD still talking and asking for co-operation from apartment owners to refrain from trying to use their units as corporate boxes. Easy enough to administer bearing in mind the apartment are gated and with security on the gate. Only those on the list allowed in, (max of 8 per unit - owners plus 6 "friends" who will get half price tickets).

tpl2, Nov 4, 5:50am
So people pay a lot of money to buy apartments and then HD try and tell them how they can use them!Sounds like the Labour party is in charge of HD.

socram, Nov 4, 9:29am
Not really.There has to bea bit of give and take.It's not HD, it is V8s who want people paying their prices for corporate boxes.If that is what it takes to get the V8s, then a small price to pay.Apartment owners in the rental pool should get a good income anyway! Owners still get in for free so no-one is really losing out.Limiting it to six friends (at half price) is no real problem.Whether or not they can have six friends who do NOT get track entry hasn't been mentioned!

elect70, Nov 5, 12:52am
Would have been in conditions of sale surely .!That was the first thing I thought ofwhen they were selling . Hiring it out to corporates at$$$.for major races would offset the cost .Iam sure HDnot that silly

socram, Nov 5, 2:34am
HD are happy with the apartment usage.Both MSNZ Tier 1 (as if anyone bothers to watch anyway.) and V8s have a bee in their bonnet about it.

As stated above, if that is a sticking point for V8s, then it would be a shame to lose the potential of a high profile meeting for a few apartment owners being a bit awkward. Maybe one or two may grizzle about it (I could probably name a couple.) but having it at HD with its permanent infrastructure, is a much better bet than a temporary infrastructure.

Their only other directive is no signage on the apartments, which isa standard condition of ownership anyway, but there is at least one owner who ignores it and he may well risk the whole deal if he refuses to conform.

My only real concern is that these sorts of promoters seem to think that it is OK for them to make a huge profit, whilst everyone else carries a huge loss.As long as the HD management/owners makeprofit, I'll be happy.

There is no lasting prestige in hosting a loss making event and unlike councils who hit the long suffering rate payers, HD is privately owned.

rug_nz, Nov 5, 4:32am
As we both know Socram, Hampton have a lot of work to do if they did get it and without cash will have a lot of trouble getting it done.
My biggest issue with it there is getting there, paying $200-250 to get in plus food and drink, and then the trip there and back 3 days will just put the cost at a level I could not afford, takes me an hour one way, 85km. Would be about $140 in gas for the weekend.
I am hoping they will think about that and run free buses from all over Auckland and Hamilton, if they even get it.
TV coverage of all rounds needs an overhaul before I see there been any point running a race in this country after next year, TV3 have killed off all the fringe fans that a NZ round needs to get to the track.

socram, Nov 5, 6:08am
Fair comments.Firstly, HD is almost exactly the same distance for you as Pukekohe was, therefore, no real change from pre-Hamilton.

Car share is the obvious way to cut travel costs for you but the railway isn't so far away from HD (Te Kauwhata!) and there has always been talk of running a shuttle from there.It is also a major Inter City bus stop.
Running free buses might make sense if whoever pays for them deems it worthwhile, but the true costs of that would probably be prohibitive and I certainly wouldn't expect HD to pay!

In terms of to and fro access, it is much easier than Pukekohe as the circuit is right on SH1.There are traffic management plans in place with heaps of satellite parking available.

Any large event means that fans either have to leg it for the last 1km or so or rely on shuttles.Parking will probably be available at MereMere drag strip and if the circuit can get an assured profit, plus a committment from other agencies, even before the circuit was built there were plans to link the back road to the drag strip, making traffic management a breeze for all big events for bogth venues.

People paid $1300 for the WRC final of 80 minutesd and hundreds for earlier matches, so a $250 ticket covering three full days strikes me as good value.I repeat myself -if HD can turn a profit or two each year on large events, pay the bank back and invest in the circuit and its amenities, then we'll get a motorsport centre to be proud of.It might well bethat if they get it, they might have to be cautious rather than ambitious for the first year or two.
If they can survive that and the rest of the planned development goes ahead, I'll be wishing I was 20 years younger!

Contrary to some posts, it is not a requirement that the track extensions are completed first.

As for TV3 coverage.I couldn't possibly comment.

geedubu, Nov 5, 6:59am
I am with smac, if it has wheels, send it to HD.I have been to Hampton Downs 4 or 5 times (renting apartments two of those occassions) and I think it is an absolutely first rate facility whether you go for the day or rent for a weekend.I don't have the means or imagination to think of a way to help it make more money but in many years of spectating I've had more family good times at HD than most places else.It is a fabulous asset to NZ, it is such a pity that we can spend a gazillion on Mt Eden (& I like rugby) but not give this unique facility a break.

eagles9999, Sep 30, 1:07am
Well the Hamilton City Council were warned a long time ago about this.It happened to Wellington Street Race. Committed lots of money and then the plug pulled.

elect70, Sep 30, 2:14am
Chance for Hampton downs to do it, but has to be some $ in it for them as a private race facility . Id love to see them thereDid Hamilton first year,watching car roofs fly by in 200 metres of track viewwasnt my idea of watching a race .

v8_mopar, Sep 30, 3:03am
Bring it to Christchurch, It will rock here or should I say shake

socram, Sep 30, 4:04am
Street circuits are always expensive to run and rarely offer the live spectator good value.Having said that, the best ever race on TV (and I have been watching motorsport for a very long time), was the first Wellington street race.

cjohnw, Sep 30, 4:16am
We should find a country road area somewhere and create something like Bathurst.

wizzbikz, Sep 30, 5:36am
HD the only way foward for v8s in NZ. They should float the company to raise the capital to complete the work.

patiki1, Sep 30, 7:24am
Bring it back to Pukekohe.