What grade oil? Engine and trans

dasfi, Nov 5, 7:53am
1997 Accord Vti 2.2l Non vtec, needing to change engine oil, what grade do i use! also trans fluid is low, checked it in park and Neutral with engine running, what trans fluid and how much should i expect to put in Cheers,

mugenb20b, Nov 5, 7:55am
Engine oil, 10w30 or 10w40. If it's done high k's and leaking / burning oil, then use 15w40.
Auto trans fluid, Dexron 3 or better still TQ95.

mugenb20b, Nov 5, 7:57am
Depends how low it is. Drain and refill is exactly 2 litres.

mugenb20b, Nov 5, 7:59am
Engine oil filter is Z79X or Z148X (Z411, Z436, Z426 and Z87A should also fit, but not ideal).

vtecintegra, Nov 5, 7:59am
Not that it makes any difference but the VTi model is SOHC VTEC

dasfi, Nov 5, 8:31am
Sorry, its in good nic done 170 ks doesn't use any oil

mugenb20b, Nov 5, 8:32am

drew2009, Nov 6, 12:09am
That TQ95 is really good ATF for hondas.
Used it in my honda 5cyl (under mugens advice) when everyone else was saying buy the overpriced official honda stuff.
Picked up a bottle for 40 odd bucks when supercheap were having a 25% off sale and its been great. Castrol or Valvoline both make it.

drew2009, Nov 6, 12:14am
Also it wouldnt be a bad idea to drain all the ATF out and replace it, rather than just topping up.

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 7:28am
Yes, but why would you! Only good for lawn mowers and running in engines.

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 8:04pm
Is that why Honda recommends 10w30! And our temeperature climate varies from summer to winter, would you believe it! So monograde oil isn't ideal.

mugenb20b, Feb 6, 2:08am
OK 10w-30. 10w (w for winter), means the lower the 'w' number the easier the oil will flow when cold, ie. it will remain reasonably thin. The second number ,30, is the ability of the oil to handle high temperatures, ie. it won't thin out too much when hot due to its viscosity stabilizer. So, the higher the second number, the better. For example, in colder seasons, autumn and winter, I use 10w30 in my car and 15w40 in spring and summer. I can however use either oil all year round if I want to, according to the oil specifications. In the Sahara desert, I would be using 25w70 and in Antarcitca 0w10 or thinner (I have no idea what they use TBH).