Non-Liability Accident and No Claims Discount

firemansgirl, Nov 6, 9:24pm
Okay so about 2 months ago my daughter was sitting stationary in her vehicle, indicating right to turn into a driveway when she was hit from behind by a woman who admitted she "hadn't seen her". Despite being taken to hospital with a neck injury, the police turning up and the ensuing report stating that the accident was NOT caused by my daughter, the other woman admitting liability, the insurance paying out for my daughter's car as the insurers deemed it to be written off, she STILL loses some of her No Claims Discount! She was on 65% which I understand to be the maximum amount discounted, she has purchased a replacement vehicle, and the insurance company told her that because she was involved in an accident, she is no longer entitled to discount at 65%, until she has had an incident free period of two years! It has dropped to 50% discount. Now technically her insurance company makes claim on the other party's insurance (she was fully covered) so why is my daughter being penalised! Would this possibly be a mistake on the part of the insurance company! I could ring them tomorrow myself but figured there would be someone knowledgeable on here today who might know the answer.

pauldw, Nov 6, 9:44pm
What was the insurance company!

neo_psy, Nov 6, 9:51pm
That seems strange.

What does the policy say!

lookoutas, Nov 6, 10:57pm
But you did:)
She shouldn't be penalized, but they will try.
"A squeaky wheel will get oiled"

msigg, Nov 7, 12:01am
Yea its a tricky one, need to read the fine print. may be the policy says "if you are involved in an accident" i would call them and hound them. At the end of the day we all pay contributing factors somehow, even if they hid it in the premiums, still you need insurance. Good luck. pitty 3rd party wasn't compulsory.
Nothing wrong with your post.Some like attention.

fordfan29, Nov 7, 12:17am
Insurance companys often let you bring your no claims bonus from your previous company when switching,
Your daughter could try contacting other insurers, and explaining her situation. Maybe another provider would be prepared to honnor the no claims discount her presant company has yanked. the insurers all share info on claims and crashes. So any potentual insurer will know she had full no claims up until a recent accident.

d.snell, Nov 7, 1:42am
Because it's a "No Claim Bonus" not a "No Blame Bonus".A claim was made, so it is now reset. Even though the Other Parties Insurance will pay the claim, it still involved expenses by your daughter's Insurance Company that will not be fully recompensated. If she still gets the discount, someone will have to cover it. Should that be the company's other policy holders! Doesn't seem fair to them, does it!

lookoutas, Nov 7, 5:47am
I repeat in other words - If it wasn't her fault, and the other Insurance covered the claim, then the 'No claims bonus' is wavered.
If it's not - make a noise.
They have 'Gate-keepers' sitting at a front desk, paid & trained on techniques of how to stuff you/us around, in the hope that we are dumb enough to go away.

ryans, Nov 7, 5:49am
2 weeks ago I was rear-ended in my Legacy, I will be beyond pissed off if this happens to me.

owene, Nov 7, 11:09am
The insurance company will also argue that she was partially to blame by virtue of the fact that she was there! Sounds odd but that's how it works.

kenw1, Nov 7, 5:54pm
My car was written off in a flood, I lost 2 year NCB, argued the point and they reduced it to one year, and were very good at settling the claim, so everybody was happy.You can pay an extra premium with some to cover situations like this.

johnf_456, Nov 7, 6:06pm
Late night!

d.snell, Nov 7, 11:33pm
Sounds like you are getting "No Claim Bonus" confused with "Excess".There is no such thing as a "No Claims Bonus Waiver", but there is an "Excess Waiver".

gusthe1, Nov 7, 11:49pm
It is a no CLAIM bonus and not a no BLAME bonus. She claimed so she doesnt get the no CLAIM bonus. Go to AMI, once you achieve 65% you keep it.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 7, 11:58pm
At the risk of hijacking, I am super impressed with AMI's classic vehicle insurance as well.

rallec, Nov 8, 12:18am
Just to clarify - did she actually make a claim!If the other driver was entirely at fault, it's right to inform your insurance company, but that's not the same as a claim.Any claim made should have been on the at fault driver's policy, so it definitely shouldn't have an effect on your ncb.If the other party didn't have insurance then you might lose some ncb as a result of you making a claim rather than getting it paid to you in drips and drabs (like $10/week, if it even gets paid) by the at fault driver.

elect70, Nov 8, 1:02am
Typical insurance companyrort . The get you to fill out a claim formso you automaticaly lose theno claim bonus .Change companies, it only happened to me because i waspranged by a solomumno insurance , no moneyno assettssolost my bonus Asthey couldnt get any $ out of her & court wouldnt force her to pay .Slut

lookoutas, Feb 9, 6:00am
Yes there is. And that's right