Holden vectra A motor

radar51, Nov 6, 8:06am
My car is a rear wheel drive commodore berlina. I have found a front wheel drive "vectra A" motor from a local wrecker ,it looks identical except that the sump profile is reversed.The steering mechanism and bracing prevent the replacement motor fitting. Can the sumps be swapped between motors.!

treachug, Nov 6, 8:45am
Yes the sump will fit, but there is an issue around the starter motor mounting you better check first. Years ago we did opposite to what you are wanting to do - we put a VN 2.0 brand new shortblock into a Vectra A 2.0 car. The starter mounting bolt holes was the stumbling point - but I cannot remember what it was exactly but we did to get around it.

radar51, Nov 6, 9:24am
Thanks. I raced down to the garage and found that the starter does fit. It looks like the sump will fit in reverse in the footprint of the gasket but what about the oil intake. For that to work the intake pipe would have to have a different profile. I havnt opened up the exchange sump to confirm this yet. The wrecker would prefer to have the engine back without the sump seal damaged etc if this is not the case. Cheers.

skin1235, Nov 6, 8:53pm
you should be able to swap the oil pickups, or turn the one in there, the galleys will be common - only the pickup will be different, either shape or orientation

radar51, Nov 7, 8:52am
damm. There is also another difference sighted now. The flywheels are of thickness, one double the witdh and i suppose weight of the other. I dont suppose they can be changed over or will that make it all unbalanced.! I will know more when i speak with the wrecker tommorrow for permission to undo the sump for inspection. The motor cost $300. Today I won $300 in a poker tournament.

lugee, Nov 7, 9:04am
Did both engines have the same trans type!

radar51, Nov 7, 9:19am
mine is a manual. I just dont know ifthe replacement was also.There is a bar code sticker on the back of the head block that says "zone man". There were bolts loosely in the flywheel clutch housing positions though.

lugee, Nov 7, 9:21am
That was the first thing to come to mind, as auto's have a much thinner disc that's effectively just a ring gear for the starter to engage.

radar51, Nov 7, 9:26am
i might be lucky then. if the same motor can be used for an auto transmission or manual then perhaps i can change the flywheel.

radar51, Nov 8, 8:15am
Went back to the wrecker. My mistake. My car is a VN 2.0 L motor from a berlina. The replacement was a vectra A motor .I can exchange it for another VN that i saw running in the yard . Although I still think the vectra is a newer one and therfore a better buy if the above issues can be sorted out.

radar51, Oct 26, 9:04am
Hi, I have a 1990 commodore berlina 2 L. Its been a nice family car in good body and interior condition. It has a suspected leaking head gasket for quite some time now. Radiator leaks due to this.
I prefer to keep the car but am not sure as to swap the motor or recondition the head etc. Pricing for head gasket set alone was about $200. Any advice please.

mugenb20b, Oct 26, 9:09am
Errr.no.it's the other way around actually.

mugenb20b, Oct 26, 9:11am
Get a new car, medium size with a 4 cylinder petrol engine, 2002 +

ninja_man, Oct 26, 9:15am
sell it

radar51, Oct 26, 9:18am
sell it . the buyer is then going to do what with it!. To use it they have to fix the problem first . thats what Im asking here.

radar51, Oct 26, 9:21am
Mechanic said it had a roten head gasket which lifts when really hot, but to nurse it along which I have done now for a few years.but its time to fix the issue, not by selling it but by fixing it!

mugenb20b, Oct 26, 9:22am
1. You'd be surprised how many idiots are out there.
2. Someone mechanically minded might fix it themselves to save money.
3. Someone may buy it just for the plates (if they have the same car with dead rego).
4. Some car wrecker could buy it that has access to second hand parts and fix it.
5. A car wrecker could buy it to sell parts off it.

mugenb20b, Oct 26, 9:24am
OK, if that's what you want to do.

radar51, Oct 26, 9:24am
[Im mechanically minded but dont like to throw good money after bad.

skull, Oct 26, 9:28am
New motor or fix this one is pretty hard to answer properly without you correctly identify what the damage is. Can the gasket be replaced only to fix it! Is the head damaged but repairable! Is the head beyond repair! Has the block been damaged while running with a damaged gasket for the last several years! Hard to make a proper judgment on any of that without first removing the head and once you do that you really are committed to do something. Best save your pennies up plus have a plan B ready to roll.

radar51, Oct 26, 9:31am
plan b is to exchange it with another motor at the right price.

radar51, Feb 10, 1:08am
off to bed. thanks all.