Which V8 Should I buy.

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hotrodtodd1, Sep 19, 9:40am
Theres some well priced 740 BMWs for sale. At under $5000, you really couldnt lose, and they still look respectable going down the road.

1ollie, Sep 19, 11:39am
To bad you have no idea!
Hahaha"a guy"! is that it! now have a look how many screwed prehistoric tech ford an chev engines and parts are for sale on here to get an idea of a crap engine lol

1ollie, Sep 19, 11:47am
Sure its not as magical as hes made it to look but you are seriously under estimating them and have clearly never been in one!

1ollie, Sep 19, 11:57am
The Toyotas are awsome buying if you find the right one! but dont forget the Nissans either! as they are a better engine over all and there are a few options as said above like the Cima, Gloria, Gran Tursimo and Cedric

1ollie, Sep 19, 11:59am
Haha more like the nearly all the "jap shit" owned it!

richardmayes, Sep 19, 12:05pm
Ten and a half inches, uncut.

That is all, gentlemen.

1ollie, Sep 19, 12:06pm
Cubic inches! lol

phalanax, Sep 19, 8:35pm
Look for something with.Made in USA on it .the home of Real V8's.not sure 5k will cut it.especially if you want RHD.lol.these cars tend to devalue less than all the rest.in fact some appreciate.

eskbaby2, Sep 20, 5:30am
Aussie v8 cars are good cars, lots of room , parts are cheapand there are loads of aftermarket parts for themyeah sure japstuff handles betterand goes abit faster out of the boxbutspare parts will costyou for example you can get a holdencommodore bottom ball joint for $15you can't get anything for anissan for $15.both 90's holden and fords will do 500,000kms with servicing sure they aren'tnewtec like a 5.4litre four camor a ls1but those motors alone cost 5k.
american stuff is good butcomes at a price andwon't handle or stop well enoughcertainly not for $5kunless its some ugly pile of rust , you know the ones where the add says perfect for a panel beatersome rust repairs required
cars are carschoosewhat you like the look ofor sound of andmake it your own

bmwnz, Sep 20, 7:02am
If we all liked the same cars it'd be a very boring world.

mp3539, Sep 20, 9:55am
you will get what you pay for, 5k will be high kms.

pebbles61, Sep 20, 9:59am
Rover P5 or Triumph TR8.or MGB V8

mgmad, Sep 20, 10:17am
Only if you're adding 20k to the budget.

pebbles61, Sep 20, 10:46am
Well yeah, maybe for a 'factory' one, surely you could get a 'homemade' V8 for a reasonable sum! like a homemade TR8 :)

mgmad, Feb 10, 7:03pm
Even those go for a lot - 15k upwards for a reasonable condition car that is road worthy. Factory cars are around the 25-30k+. And MGBs are the cheapest of the factory V8s built by MG.