Which V8 Should I buy.

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gooddealz2, Nov 7, 6:02am
Looks pretty good to me especially as a car yard buy.

ema1, Nov 7, 6:48am
Toyota V8 1UZ-FE =Bullet proof.

willz29, Nov 7, 7:50am
I'd love a V8 holden sedan. But how reliable would it be with 200k+ on the clock! What are parts worth etc. I'm assuming they have a cam belt is that correct!

I should add in the same price bracket as the OP $5k-7K tops

magicmat, Nov 7, 7:50am
Go for the Holdens with the LS1 - best choice I ever made as far as wanting that V8 experience. The 5 litre engines are ok but if you can stretch to the LS1 (5.7 litre - 350 chev) you will be very happy. I have an LS1 based VX holden and a mate has a Calais with the 5 litre engine - mine absolutely pisses on his and the gas cost, if you can control the right foot, appears to be little if any different. Plus you will not have any trouble sourcing the parts for the LS1, 2 or 3 engines.
Avoid the BMW's or Mercs - I have owned a Merc and me dear ol' dad was a BMW freak, and they are great cars, until things go wrong! Then the complexity of the European cars becomes a very expensive nightmare. I gave up on my beloved Mercedes for a fraction of what I paid for it as it became more of a problem than it was worth.
The LS1 based Holdens are primitive and simple by comparison - but that is also the beauty of them.

magicmat, Nov 7, 8:04am
= f*cking maintenance/reliability nightmare!

lilly105, Nov 7, 9:26am
Hear hear!

jkm, Nov 7, 6:45pm
I am a Holden fan, but i like the clean lines of the fairmont. Look after this and you will eventually have a classic!

bellky, Nov 7, 7:57pm
i have had an eb1 xr8 since 2000 and it's done 309xxxkm now - still going strong and has cost me very little over the last 10 years.

i'm not sure about that ghia though ay.
- wonder why it is rego'd as a 'Non-Commercial Ambulance'!
- and why it has been re-rego'd!
- that rust on the rear wheel arch is bad, could cost easy $500 to fix and re-touching on the paint on the whole car could cost heaps (other side might need doing too!)
- that pod filter is crap, and the polished engine cover.

i would keep my eye out for a nice original eb1 (non abs) xr8. will be better in the long run.

trogedon, Nov 7, 8:17pm
If it??

bellky, Nov 7, 8:19pm
crap post sorry.

trogedon, Nov 8, 7:42am
Hey, don't go calling your post "crap" - that's our job.

vtecnet, Nov 8, 8:02am
I want one, just haven't been in a hurry, I was trying to sell one of my other cars, which has proved unsuccessful., however I can sell my daily driver easy enough to make room for another car, as my V8 (once I get one) will be my daily.

I can afford a much more expensive car technically, however I don't believe in finance or loans etc (unless for a house) I'm buying a house soon as that's where most of my money is going, however I don't want to miss out on at least a little fun and cringe at the idea of having to drive my prelude for the next 2-3 years, for one thing its too small, uncomfortable, impractical and is useless on the rough roads in New Brighton (where I live)
I can do work on the car myself, fuel costs don't worry me, I only drive about 150ks a week on average and currently spend $40 in the Prelude, even if this doubles its no problem, but my guess is it would only put my fuel bill up to $60 a week.

magicmat, Nov 8, 8:07am
Yea that is not too bad a guess on the gas. but be prepared that your $60 gas bill may be triple that to begin with. I spent just over $200 in the first week I had mine. But as long as you can control your right foot, you should be able to survive on $60. Though, its very hard to not give a V8 death every now and then and to be honest, if you dont do so, then you may as well keep the Prelude.

vtecnet, Nov 8, 8:10am
Nice, he posted up some more pics for me and Ashvegas isn't far to go and check it over. I like the ole VN's have driven mates one loads of times (not the V8 model).
What age group is the owner!

vtecnet, Nov 8, 8:16am
It would see some foot flat action for sure, I like the V8 sound at 5000rpm

magicmat, Nov 8, 8:21am
Oh hell yea. but watch that gas budget go flying out the window. but it is soooo worth it! Gives me a buzz every time. I am such a geek, when waiting for a pizza, I got out and walked across car park and got the Mrs to give it a few good rev's for a minute or two as I dont get to hear it from the outside. only sad part. I didnt have anything to record the sound so I could go to sleep listening to it!

bellky, Nov 8, 8:01pm
i get about 11l/100km on open road driving in eb xr8.

vtecnet, Sep 16, 10:01pm
I Have decided that I need to experience owning a car with a V8 engine, however I only want to spend a max of 5k on one, which limits the choices to, early to mid 90's Holden Commodore 5.0 V8, Early to Mid 90's Falcon XR8 or E34 BMW 540i.
I assume the best handling and performance will come with the E34 BMW, but I have no experience when it comes to bigger cars, some guidance would be appreciated.
Repair costs don't bother me too much, I'm not afraid of doing work myself, although parts prices can be a concern.

ola_bitchola1, Sep 16, 10:05pm
bmw would be my pick out of those . me id rather have Toyota celsior or the Lexus ls400 (same car pretty much)

kiwi-d, Sep 16, 10:05pm
FALCON, no question about it

guider1, Sep 16, 10:19pm
The BMW will cost $$$ when something goes wrong & arent the easiest to get access to anything on the motor to do it yourself.
The Falcon will be the cheapest option due to them having a lower resale value, but it will have a Windsor V8 which have very poor head design. The only good thing I can see about a Windsor is because it's an American based engine there are plenty of go-fast bits available off the shelf for them whereas there arent as many options for the 5L Holden.
Dont get me wrong though, the 5L isnt to be sneazed at, they have spread-port heads which are one of the best designs available. Unfortunately when released as a passenger car they were all fitted with small cams so as to comply with Aussie's emission laws. You can wake them up with a cam & tune (obviously a good exhaust is beneficial too).
If you were willing to shell out, say, up to 7k you could step into a much later model Holden with the LS1 Chev engine, now you're talking. Parts are plenty for the LS1; just by changing the VT LS1 intake to a VX LS1 intake you can gain close to 20hp. A simple cam change & tune can get you close on another 100hp.
Then you can delve further into the realm of madness & fit a basic single turbo setup using a small T-70 which will easily net you 480hp at the wheels & a whole lot of tyre shredding fun.
The LS1 is a far superior engine to the Holden or the Windsor. 6 bolt main, hi-port head design & all alloy weighing less than the Holden V6 yet the parts list for modifications is endless.

edangus, Sep 16, 10:20pm
Go for an E38 740.

Its like owning a 70's coon that goes round corners, doesn't squeak and rattle and has lots of flash crap inside!

5 series is too small when comparing to a Falcon.

As an XA Coon slut I am very happy with my E38

guider1, Sep 16, 10:32pm
Well said.

edangus, Sep 16, 10:39pm
Gotta keep it honest

stevexc, Sep 16, 11:42pm
Well the original poster mentioned a BMW so why are you so suprised that I've included a BMW in my response to his question!

Last thing we need is another "[insert brand] cars are crap" thread full of retarted opinions.