Buying used cars from dealers.

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tracemyster, Jun 9, 8:14am
How much can you expect to realistically haggle off the advertised price on the car in the yard!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, paying cash and not trading in.

phillip.weston, Jun 9, 8:21am
^^ what he said. Do your research, and armed with your findings (ie finding it's a couple grand overpriced when compared to the competition), put forward a well structured and kind 'argument' why you are not prepared to pay the window price.

tracemyster, Jun 9, 8:22am
Atenza wagons in particular.2002-2003 models seem to be commonly listed at 12-13k.How much should I offer and expect a result!

tracemyster, Jun 9, 8:25am
Sorry, forgot to mention. would be paying cash and without trade in.

phillip.weston, Jun 9, 8:28am
So that basically means to them, is that they aren't going to get a kick-back from the finance company, and they aren't able to make money off your trade-in vehicle either. But hey, cash is king right!

phillip.weston, Jun 9, 8:29am
$12-13k seems to be the norm for 02-03 Atenza wagons. I've seen some as high as 15-18k, but they generally have super low kms. They're still very much in demand as they are a popular car, if you aren't going to pay their window price, some other customer will. Do bear that in mind.

jcwholesale, Jun 9, 8:36am
How else were you going to pay for it!

tgray, Jun 9, 8:46am
Never pay window price!Especially if you are paying cash.

tracemyster, Jun 9, 8:49am
What percentage should you pay then!75%!

phillip.weston, Jun 9, 9:00am
So how do you expect dealers to even stay in business if you expect to pay 3/4s of their asking price, and still make a profit! Put it this way, if you offer 75% of what a dealer is asking for, be prepared to be laughed at.

phillip.weston, Jun 9, 9:01am
So you welcome people like the above offering 75% of the value of your cars, because they are paying cash! What's with the 'FULL PRICE' business on all of your listings then!

tracemyster, Jun 9, 9:22am
I never said I would offer 75%. I was just asking him his opinion.I dont know the ins and outs of car dealers and at what level to offer, hence the thread.

And its only 75% of the cars value if the car has been listed at 100% of its value.

If the dealer is listing it for 120% of its value and I offer 75% of that, then technically I have still offered 90%.

oliver6, Jun 9, 11:06am
I charge extra for cash as it costs to bank it, and the finance co.s pay a fee to the seller.

lasertech, Jun 9, 11:10am
This always becomes rather a circular argument/discussion, why not just pay a price you are happy with (or at least offer it) there will always be one cheaper somewhere else, buy it on its merits, and if its a great buy and you need to pay window or close to then do it. Some dealers price to sell, some price to overtrade/give minimum trade in type deals.
Remember car dealers have to make money as well to survive. Typically a smaller dealer may make as little as 1-2k on the car, whereas the bigger dealers need to make more due to high overheads etc.

vicky239, Jun 9, 8:03pm
Car dealers put 4k on top of my car - traded it for 3k and was only worth around 1500 on trademe at the time. Anywhere id say from 2-4k

vicky239, Jun 10, 3:20am
Excuse me! this is exactly what happened- i have no problems with my maths - however the dealer is obviously the one that needs help!

gypsypom, Jun 10, 3:28am
I dont buy off stealers, period! best policy as Ive been burnt too many timer in the past

vicky239, Jun 10, 5:19am
Car was traded for $3000 dealer put on yard for $7000 hence there is a $4000 mark up. I know a few people who work for other car companies and they put a mark up on cars of around $2000 +

mugenb20b, Jun 10, 6:01am
If you were selling a house for $1000 000 and someone offered you $750 000 cash, would you take it!

vicky239, Jun 10, 6:41am
Yes i do realise this. Was justifying my previous thread about me not knowing my maths - seems the person who wrote that doesnt understand what i was putting across in my post

jcwholesale, Jun 10, 6:49am
kaz find a concrete stuco wall, lead forward, run as fast as you can into it. It is far less painful. LOL

tracemyster, Jun 10, 7:00am
obviously no, but we are talking about 2 different industries here.

mugenb20b, Jun 10, 7:04am
OK, if you were selling a car for $10k, and someone offered you $7500 cash, would you take it!

bmwnz, Jun 10, 7:32am
I often pay window price & I always pay cash. Like others have said, if my research tells me the price is right, why would I want to rip off (aka steal from) someone trying to earn a living in a difficult industry! I'd be upset if anyone was to do that to me. I guess its just being honest.

wayne472, Jun 10, 8:33am
I saw A Toyota Land Cruiser in A Dunedin car sales with A window add saying $60,000 with trade etc or $50,000 cash!
The car sales was on the corner of Wilky Rd and Princess St.
So how much are they making on them!