Honda DA6 hatch an sedan doors the same?

stains1, Nov 9, 10:07am
just wondering if the hatch an sedan doors are interchangble, (front doors that is) any help is good thank you

andrea_w, Nov 9, 10:21am
Without knowing a thing about that car, my money is on No.
Coupe doors are usually much longer than the sedan equivalent.

stains1, Nov 9, 10:28am
thats what i was thinkn aswel, however in the picturs they look very much the same from what i can see

thegravelracer, Feb 13, 5:55pm
na bro ive got a da6 and had both .your best bet is to just call a wreckers bro there cheap enough now anyway ,so all in all no is the answer your looking for .sorry dude