Thejazzpianoma. Just to get your attention the car i purchased is a mazda 04 axela sedan imported and from a very friendly car y

chanelle, Apr 26, 11:14am
just to get your attention ;)

the car i purchased is a Mazda 04 Axela Sedan, imported and from a very friendly car yard who said the margin was able to be passed on ,2 litre and i payed under 12k for it 117500 kms

Ive been told by most people these are really good reliable cars and my next choice was a toyota Allex. but it was a 01 and the car yard (different one ) still wanted beaten down 10500 even tho i knew it was a recent tradein and had 4 NZ owners. kms were just over the 90,000 but under 100,000kms.
just interested in your insightful opinion , having traweled these forums and seeing your imput


thejazzpianoma, Apr 26, 11:26am
Hi chanelle,
Sounds like you got a really good deal to me. That year and km's with the 2.0 would have to be pretty good buying for one of those and pretty good value as a car in general, and I don't say that about Japanese cars very often. The Mazda's are quite good for reliability and are in general quite a nice wee car too. So good choice, no need to fret over that!

With regard to the warranty, if you want to get some prices and get back to me I might be able to give you an idea as to whether they are good value or not. In reality they would have to be pretty cheap to be worth while. The likelyhood of your having an expensive mechanical failure on that vehicle are quite low. Anything is possible and all cars break of course but realistically not very likely in this case. You can always put the money you would have spent on a warranty aside for anything unexpected, you will likely be surprised how far it will go.

Roadside assistance if you can get it cheap i.e family membership or combined with insurance can be handy. Its more often not that the car has broken down but if you lock your keys inside, get a flat battery etc it can be really handy if its cheap enough.

Best of luck with it all, I hope you have some exciting road trips planned for it.

Big squeezy hugs (BTW, there is a Mrs Jazz so don't go getting any ideas now!)


chanelle, Apr 26, 11:32am
will bookmark this page and get back to you with warrenty.
the dealer reccommended AA Mechanical Breakdown Insurance i belive its about $500 a year up to 3 years (package) for under 1300. will have to call them tomorrow. and another Trademe member has recommended autosure.

Mostly this is for getting to and from work with the odd trip to Auckland/North

It was more than i needed in engine size but it felt very safe to drive and at teh price i was able to get i didnt want to humm and harr to much.
Then on getting home i got a bad case of the WHAT HAVE I DONE's. but this is due to always having pieces of crap that break down and are worth less than 3k

Big sook who works way to hard to throw money away . especially on cars. girl things are was less stress.

Am with state and roadside is covered in insurance plan :)

*waves to mrs Jazz. theres a Mr Chanelle too ;)
your hubby is a wealth of info for us simple types "think computers and makeup"

thejazzpianoma, Apr 26, 11:51am
LOL, thanks chanelle. I will check up and see how you got on.
Its always a hard one to advise on as no matter how good the odds are, I could say don't get it and then you could be one of the tiny percentage of people who would have got a real benefit from it!

The good thing is that those prices don't seem to outlandish so its not like you are throwing an absolute fortune away on it if you do decide to take it up.

However, if it were me I think I would be putting the $1300 aside as my own insurance policy. one that will more than likely last a lot longer than 3 years. On a car that age and km's about the only properly expensive problem you might encounter is an automatic transmission issue. But its pretty unlikely, especially if you keep it properly serviced.

If you did have a worse case scenario like that you may go through $2500 or so getting it repaired which isn't that much more than you would have paid for the insurance. And when you consider you have to pay an excess you wouldn't be a lot better off. Remember the chances of having a problem this major in the next 3 years are pretty remote.

So yeah, with that in mind hopefully you see where I am coming from. But hey if its worth the cash to you for the peace of mind go for gold.

Feel free to update me further if you want some more insight into it. Remember to ask what the excess is, what the go is with getting the car serviced and what if any maximum payout figure there is (in case it likely wouldn't be enough for a major repair).

Best of luck!

thejazzpianoma, Apr 26, 11:56am
BTW, if you do find an issue with the car at some point, pop back here for some advice. There are plenty of knowledgeable types around that can advise the cheapest way to get things sorted and let you know if the dealer should cover it under the consumer guarantees act.

I think you can breathe pretty easy though as it should be a very reliable proposition.

Oh and Mrs Jazz would wave back, but she is sound asleep. despite the noisy cricket that has somehow sneaked into the house!

craig04, Dec 15, 12:48pm
Oh this is so sweet.