Mazda 3 Sedan - axela

akd100, Mar 11, 7:28am
How do these cars rate!I've tried googling, but its all gobbledy goop to me.Can't understand a word of it lol, Are they a good car.Or lots go wrong with them.

thejazzpianoma, Mar 11, 7:32am
They are a good car but the Golf is loads better. The Golf in petrol or diesel is also super economical.

akd100, Mar 11, 7:35am
Yeah, a little bit on the small side.

moosie_21, Mar 11, 7:35am
See we've scaled it down a bit from the usual essays on Euro-supremacy. Good on ya!

stevo2, Mar 11, 7:36am
Mrs Stevo has one but its 5 door 2300cc. Has been a brilliant car to date.
Cheers Stevo

thejazzpianoma, Mar 11, 7:40am
Thats just my opener!

akd100, Mar 11, 7:44am
Stevo is that the mazda 3 sedan that you mean! I'm abit hopeless sorry.

akd100, Mar 11, 7:46am
Opps sorry, just realised you mean a madza 3 hatch!

vtecintegra, Jul 10, 1:50pm
Axela is the Japanese name for what we call the Mazda 3.Both came in sedan and hatch.

Most of the complaints you'll hear are around refinement, the early models especially didn't get a great deal of sound deadening.Also watch out for Jap spec cars with the little 1.5l - better off choosing at least the 2l.Aside from that they're pretty good, probably the best chassis in the class from a drivers perspective.