Ford Escape or Nissan Xtrail

charisma26, Nov 9, 10:13pm
recommendations please!

mugenb20b, Nov 9, 11:25pm
Either, it's just that I don't recommend the V6 Escape, too complicated and no room around the engine, go for a 2.3 litre, 4 cylinder. X Trail looks nicer to me, but I don't know much about them. Renault turbo diesel powered X Trail goes really well.

bellky, Nov 9, 11:38pm
nissan = ugly

mugenb20b, Nov 9, 11:39pm

bellky, Nov 9, 11:42pm
nissan juke! can't find one.

charisma26, Nov 9, 11:44pm
so a Nissan is better.

bellky, Nov 9, 11:45pm
you must be in a rush. this hasn't played out yet i reckin.

spongefrisk, Nov 9, 11:48pm
Yeah do some research first. don't take my word for it.I am not a mechanic. Just happy with my X-trail

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charisma26, Nov 10, 12:01am
Not in a rush just working out what i want to buy in the SUV range under 2.0L what would be best already crossed out mitsubishi

scotthurst01, Nov 10, 2:53am

bellky, Nov 10, 2:58am

craig04, Nov 10, 3:45am
I hear Nissan are releasing a new SUV. It's based on the X-Trail but it has a bit more guts. It called an N-Trail.

jfstyle, 6 days, 8 hours
drive both as it is a no brainer .the x trail is way better and if you buy a four cyl escape good luck if you have a problem.had a nz one blow a engine .couldnt get one anywere and so many things different from a mazda 6 had to refund money and sell as parts. try and buy a new shape xtrail even with high kms they are really good and tow really well also.