Can I put the number plate on the trailer guard. Is it legal to put the number plate and light on to the mud guard cheers

tnt423, Dec 22, 12:31am
Is it legal to put the number plate and light on to the mud guard! Cheers

ralphdog1, Dec 22, 1:17am

jonthefisho, Dec 22, 3:10am
Mine is. never had any problems getting w.o.f
from vtnz.

socram, Dec 22, 3:30am
Mine have always been there too.No problem.

msigg, Dec 22, 3:34am
Same as above. Go for it. Nothing wrong with that.

meathead_timaru, Dec 22, 7:33am

Probably because the registration plate has absolutely nothing to do with a WoF.

meathead_timaru, Dec 22, 10:22am
Lights are a little different - there are prescribed positions and angles of visibility. Here they are:

franc123, Dec 22, 10:40am
Plates are now required to be horizontally mounted, this has been the case since last year when a number of rules were changed or clarified re the display of plates. As long as its mounted and illuminated correctly on the guard and isn't an external projection that could be a danger to cyclists or pedestrians, no problem.

mber2, Dec 22, 10:41am
So long as the number plate light is also on the guard with the plate then yes

stabi360, Dec 22, 10:42am
doesnt it have to be seen within a certain angle on both sides of trailer at the back! to get a wof
so in that case no its not legal to have it on a trailer guard

meathead_timaru, Dec 22, 10:54am
No, there is no angle requirement for the registration plate illumination lamp as there is for stop lamps.

meathead_timaru, Dec 22, 11:02am

frytime, Dec 23, 1:07am
no white light to the rear

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