1966 XR Falcon brake upgrade?

ferrisfe2, Jan 7, 11:08am
Falcon still hasdrum brakes on all four corners and i want to upgrade to discs and pads. has anyone done this on an old falcon! Cn anyone tell me what parts i shoould be lookin for!

lookoutas, Jan 7, 6:15pm
Easiest fit would be XW/Y, otherwise you start comparing with complete stub swap to XF. Watch the steering arm position/height in comparison to XR, otherwise you'll get bump-steer.
Then just chuck in a complete XF diff. Good idea to use the master cylinder as well

splinter67, Jan 7, 6:53pm
Use xfyou should change the whole assembly that will also get rid of the dreaded falcon squeak

lookoutas, Jan 7, 8:02pm
Yeh splinter - using the XF top arm is a real good idea. Must change mine one day.
If using the bottom arm, it should have larger inside bolts, so the X member will need drilling out.

splinter67, Jan 7, 8:09pm
exactly easy job to do

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