Is it a Suzuki or a Yamaha?. Looking for a starter motor for what i thought was a suzuki sr250 1978 yep 1978any clues would help

ladypenelope6, Jan 16, 8:49pm
Looking for a starter motor for what I thought was a Suzuki SR250 1978!
Yep, 1978.Any clues would help, although the motorbike dealer informed me its a Yamaha.She goes well and is worth the conversation, help!

pzkpfw, Jan 16, 8:51pm
Any SR250 I've ever seen is a Yamaha; what has you thinking it's a Suzuki! Looks a "bit like" a GN250. !

Try here:

pzkpfw, Jan 16, 8:55pm

kazbanz, Jan 16, 9:42pm
The SR250 is definitely a Yamaha

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