Hilux motor quieter== using oil

kierd, Feb 5, 7:42pm
Hi,have an older Hilux with petrol motor, drive chain noisy, mechanic saidit's OK, to quieten it he told me to use a certain oil.
Trouble is Mechanic is in the States for 6 months racing Trucks, so I can not ask him what he told me what to use, and I have lost the bit of paper he wrote it down on.Not wanting to sell, just want it to not sound like a diesel.
Any ideas.

mrfxit, Feb 5, 8:05pm
Yep replace the chain etc, shouldn't be a hard job on those.
you could try a 20/50 - 60 oil but could rattle a bit longer on cold startup & need a longer warm up in the frosty weather & winter time

"just want it to not sound like a diesel" THERES ya clue as to what to do.

woki, Feb 5, 9:46pm
Was it morey's that he suggested !

hatchback, Feb 6, 6:54am
I saw some 50/70 oil for older engines advertized the other day.thats almost gear oil, eng must be pretty sad by then

theram1, Feb 6, 6:58am
Leave the machine gun chain, when it goes it may take the cover with it.

cowlover, Feb 6, 10:12am
Mate had a Corona back in the 80s with a machine gun chain.Took it to local garage who said dont worry they all do that.200 meters down the road from garage it broke along with the covers etc.Cost an arm and leg to fix even with 2nd hand covers etc.
In other words fix it now.

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