Steering wheels and boss kits

bubzpoos, Feb 11, 3:29am
Ok my son had got hubby a boss kit from repco, so i want to buy him asteering wheel, i asked a question on here about the steering wheel to make sure it would fit the car and he has responded, that i have to buy the boss kit with the same brand as the steering wheel, i dont want to ask hubby as it a present. i already have the boss kit that my son got, so will only repco steering wheels fit the boss kit.

petermcg, Feb 11, 3:35am
There should be many steeringwheels that fit the boss kit. Take the boss kit with you when you buy the steering wheel.

bubzpoos, Feb 11, 3:38am
I live in middle earth and will have to buy one on line lol, i thought that whats a boss kit was,it fitsafter market steering wheels to your car, just woundering if this place was trying to make a bit more money,

biddy6, Feb 11, 3:48am
The Boss kit has to fit your specific car model, but there are a lot of steering wheels that will fit your boss kit.

bellky, Feb 11, 3:52am
If the boss kit is a 6 screw one, then it will fit most aftermarket steering wheels, as most of them are the 6 screw Momo type.

tmenz, Feb 11, 5:46am
There's always duct tape!

lookoutas, Feb 11, 6:15am
If it's a 6 screw, there will always be 2 screws directly opposite. Measure between to get the diameter, and give them this measurement.

Some wheel brands do have a different pattern just to be a pain in the butt.

If it's 5 stud, measure across the studs on an angle, skipping one.

xs1100, Feb 11, 7:29am
take a pic and send through to a supplier,cpa in wellington have a good range

fordcrzy, Feb 11, 8:31am
most wheels are the same. MOMO, sportline have the same most common size. The NARDI wheels are different to the momo/sportline wheels.

bubzpoos, Feb 11, 8:43am
just another way of making money then, Thanks for your thoughts, i might have to get my son to try get is money back and just by the one we need.

andrewph, Feb 11, 9:49am
Another thing to note, is it a flat or dished wheel. If it needs to be dished a flat one sits too far away to be comfortable.

trogedon, Feb 11, 9:55am
There are plenty of nice wheels here.

cowlover, Feb 11, 10:12am
Whats the car you are going to fit this new wheel into!

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