Front wheel bearing replacement cost

shore_girl, Mar 6, 8:02am
Hi, what is a fair price to replace the front wheel bearings on a 2003 Mazda Demio! TIA

incar., Mar 6, 8:18am

shore_girl, Mar 6, 8:44am
I assume that's for both sides to be done!

incar., Mar 6, 9:40am
you assume wrong, 1 side

shore_girl, Mar 6, 9:52am
Cool thanks for that, car is going in for a service on Friday so will get them to investigate further. Thanks for your help.

r.g.nixon, Mar 6, 9:58am
Interesting. I might keep driving on mine until it breaks. I only use this car around town, so should be safe enough.

incar., Mar 6, 9:58am
all good, if they tell you, you need both done get a 2nd opinion

intrade, Mar 7, 8:42pm
wheel bearings usuually are a wof fail and the worst i seen is on rav4 the cv joint snapped off seems to be common for all to do this onleft front , but otherwise you can drive for years on a worn front bearing , makes ghost like noises when you drive slow some can be adjusted when there is a crown nut on cv with split pin like on dahatsu mira early 90 for example

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