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desmodave, Dec 31, 11:17pm
1998 1800cc model wagon in Silver . 152000 kms also has airbag light on . I presume that's why it failed a WOF . Thinking if the Bushes are worn the rest of the rack must be as well so would it be best to replace complete rack, but at what cost . They asking 1k for it.

intrade, Dec 31, 11:55pm
i dot think your airbag light has anything to do with your rack bushes . i also question the fact that you have bushes worn. did you check the inner balljoint for play or looseness enywhere else ? and proof with a 300$ flashlight that indded the bushes have play?
because the power steer fluid would be pissing out if you had bshes that worn out.

naigbour down the road has a old volvo clonks and bashes like hell when he got the car i told him the steering rack bush is a goner.
it always passed a wof untill somone looked in the power steering bowl and found it was dry at wof lol
the fluid was never there 8 year it passed the wof . So i said
remove the power steering and go elswhere for a wof
he got his wof lol bushes where still not found to be faulty even do i said 8 years ago it was worn out , and it would be where the fluid escaped .

desmodave, Jan 1, 12:40am
I don't think an airbag light would have SFA to do with a steering either , so don't go getting yourself excited . Is there not a polyurethane bush where the rack mounts to the car . So many questions these days Intrade . The car isn't mine , its for sale on the side of the road so i need to do home work before doing anything else.

intrade, Jan 1, 1:29am
so you go by what failed a wof on sheet? Not what actuarly is faulty for real? . Also if that car was not serviced then it will be a minefield of problems !
vw dont like it not to be serviced they are not toyotas whom keep going with every last part on the car broken before they tell you it is over.
Vw will tell you is over buddy you dont drive on unless you fix the problem i aint move no more on 1 or 2 problems . Thats why toyota driver think they do not need to service there car because it dont tells them like vw always have done.
verify the problem find "all " problems and then make the desition to buy it.

Because otherwise you come here and say vw is crap and you should never have purchased the rubbish car brand. Well no its not the cars fault the car is nice and tells you to stop abusing it when it wont move no more.

intrade, Jan 1, 1:42am
if you own a vw you need to spend the 600$ for the factory scanner or the 200$ for the online scanner from rosstech then you need to learn the stuff on your car vw is awsome they have full obd2 since 1996 . toyota are nightmare its obd1 till 2004 on some of them. you need that to clear the code for the airbag once you found and fixed the problem.
some junk onehung low obd2 tool wont clear no airbag codes nor even read the code correctly well it might it might not. factory scanner like rosstech will pull all codes correctly.
if you dont want to own that tool you need somone you trust and has the rosstech the factory vw tool or other factory level diagnostic tool and there is not much for vw lowest cost 99% factory is rosstech.
699$ professional no further money its free software upgrade for ever after that.

desmodave, Jan 1, 3:07am
WTF are you on about . How many questions did i ask and have you answered any of them ? ( Because otherwise you come here and say vw is crap and you should never have purchased the rubbish car brand ) Do you surround yourself with idiots to come up with that conclusion . For the record i haven't owned a toymota in the last 30 years .Hope fully some1 in the trade may have worked on such a car and has an idea of the cost .

desmodave, Jan 1, 3:16am
Intrade , how do i go by a WOF sheet when i haven't even seen 1 . All i know is it has an expired WOF and the faults mentioned are in the add . Did you want to be a detective as a kid .

vorsprung, Jan 1, 7:24am
They don't have bushes on the rack. Could be suspension arm bushes as they will be well worn if they are originals

intrade, Jan 1, 7:30am
psssss.t dont play detective! he dont likes that lol.

fact is you need to be forensice scinetist to fix modern cars or you might as well start flushing money down a toilet , it be the same thing .

desmodave, Jan 1, 7:32am
Any idea where this part fits ? . Got hold of the owner and will check it out in the morning .

vorsprung, Jan 1, 7:35am
That's for the mk2/mk3 golf and the b3/b4 Passat which was built on the same platform, they had the rack mounted to the subframe, the Passat you are looking at is a b5, same as the audi a4 and the rack is bolted to the body above the gearbox, not the most fun thing to remove either

desmodave, Jan 1, 8:14am
After speaking to owner i think they are confusing components , Will see what it drives like tomorrow . I bought an low km A4 at auction in Japan 10 or so years so i have an idea what it should drive like .

mecanix, Jan 1, 7:38pm
that is a rack mount bush.

not sure what the set up is on the car you are looking at.

probably best to try and get it to your mechanic for a pre purchase inspection so you get a clear idea of any faults.

desmodave, Jan 1, 11:34pm
Its very tidy drove well, auto nice and smooth 1.8t pulled well and was quiet , all electrics air con etc all function they excepted $800 for it . It came with the last 5 years service records and an invoice for a WOF check where it failed on an oil leak from the oil pressure sender unit / Air bag light / Left and Right outer steering rack Bushes . Was it a VW specialist looking for work ? time will tell . I do as much work as i can myself on all my Cars and Motorcycles .Turned out that i know the owners so they were not going to lie to me . Not a lot of money to lose any way . It could end up as a nice car for my daughter that just got her restricted . As for a pre purchase inspection on a low value car i am not bothered .

mecanix, Jan 1, 11:58pm
the oil pressure sender is a piece of cake.

the air bag light could be something as simple as aplug under the seat or one of the buckles.

as for the steering. most likely outer tie rod ends although if they are being described as bushes then i question the skill of the inspector.

it sounds like a good buy.

desmodave, Jan 2, 1:23am
I live 100+km away from a major town so often shop on the internet . Have contacted 2 parts outfits asking for the oil pressure unit . If any1 can find the right part on here let me know . Pissing down outside and there is bugger all room left in my garage to work on it so i will wait for fine weather before removing front seat and checking wiring connections .

supernova2, Jan 2, 5:17am
Looks like supercheap might have them @ about $25

desmodave, Jan 2, 5:30am
Do you have a link to it . Have been trough 5 pages and seen water blasters and oil filters so far . Thanks

desmodave, Jan 2, 5:38am
Found it thanks .

supernova2, Jan 2, 5:41am
On the supercheap site scroll down and it has a yellow box for find parts for your car, pop in your model details, then go to electrical, engine and there are a couple there.
Other option is to try the Tridon site
that will at least give you a part number

supernova2, Jan 2, 5:43am
Also an oil leak shouldn't be a WOF fail.

ema1, Jan 2, 10:45am
If it is leaking onto exhausting it is a fail. and if it is hitting brakes via windage it is also?
Minor oil leaks are common and depending on their nature quantity and location it's discretionary but leaking onto exhaust manifold or other hot sections of exhaust = fail, fire hazard.

boatiebitz, Jan 2, 10:52am
yeah nah. it depends what oil is leaking and where its leaking and what its leaking on.

strobo, Jan 2, 11:04am
yeah I agree at that . its plain from post 1 it's rack mount bushes to the subframe ,I did some recently ( 4 bushes) without pulling the whole rack out , took nothing but an 1 hr to do , tricky . tho had the right tool for the job!and im not giving away any free trade tips on that either lol so roughly $20 each bush and 1hr productive labour !

ema1, Jan 2, 11:04am
Power steer oil leak = WOF fail, slight seepage needs to be notified of repair needing to be done.
I myself would err on the side of having such above mentioned item repaired as there's no knowing of possible failure down the track. better safe than sorry.
RWD rear axle seal oil leak onto brake shoes is also a WOF fail, any oil/grease leak of any sort affecting brakes = WOF fail.

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