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smallwoods, Nov 8, 2:20pm
Friends came to stay last night.
Arrived in their 2012 Mitsi Outlander PHEV.
We had contemplated buying one after another visit to them a while ago.
Any way, he was saying it is due a battery replacement soon as it is at 62% of life.
Not a biggie, I thought.
Wrong, about $20,000 plus fitting and the vehicle will still be a 2012 model.
Even he is pissed about it, even though he loves the vehicle.

What happened to the "batteries will be cheaper later on" spiel?

If he changes the batteries, it won't sell for the cost of replacement.
Will get STA for it without.

Now we are glad we didn't go that route.

kazbanz, Nov 8, 2:42pm
same story in AA from sept this year-Im betting almost anything that anytime soon the cheap batteries will start showing up on the kiwi market for those. same as has already happened with the Toyota's etc
I've got a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. I've had this from new, purchased in Newmarket, Auckland in October 2014. Its been a great car and I am/was planning to keep it for many years yet.
However, in 2020 I've noticed that the battery is now starting to deteriorate. So 10 days ago I got my local dealer (Hastings, Hawkes Bay) to run a battery check on it. It came back with 63% capacity. At 6 years old, that was no real surprise.
When I bought the car, I asked the dealer what the battery life was and how much it was going to cost. They said about an 8 year life and about $7,000 to replace. That did cause me to pause for a moment, but at that I could still make the numbers work if I was to replace the battery every 8 years (roughly).
Based on how quickly the battery is now deteriorating I estimate that I have about 18 months to 2 years before the car becomes undriveable. I have, on occasion, run out of battery storage on the big hills between Napier and Taupo. Enough to know that without battery power the car will not be a safe vehicle to drive.
So I asked the local dealer to give me a price estimate on battery replacement. The answer was shocking. $24,000 for the battery and $30,000 installed in the car.
I'm still researching this and will be getting quotes from Mitsubishi Hastings and from the dealer in Newmarket who sold the car to me. But at that price, I'm looking at having to write the car off in 2 years time. Even now, it's value will be nearly nothing as I can't morally sell this vehicle to another person with that cost hanging over it. At $66,000 for the new car, the depreciation, if it's written-off after 7-8 years is very severe!
I'm very concerned that there are hundreds of other PHEV owners in NZ that are not far away from getting the same nasty shock. If this is indeed the real price of battery replacement, I believe Mitsubishi should stop selling these cars immediately.
So I'm interested in advice from the AA, while continue to chase this issue through the dealership.

electromic, Nov 8, 3:01pm
Yes, I heard from a friend that it is $30 000 fitted. She was told $7000-$8000 at the time of purchase too. Was that a lie? She would not have purchased the vehicle if they said 30k. 8k battery for 8 years usage is $1000 per year and she could live with that.

kcf, Nov 8, 3:04pm
I love the ongoing "electric car hate" that keeps arriving in posts in this message board.

If you don't want one, don't buy one.

Folks, build a bridge and get over it.

electromic, Nov 8, 3:12pm
For the record, I don't hate electric cars at all. I hate people being sold a product that will cost them nearly half the new price again for a part replacement. If I only got 8 years out of a petrol engine before it needed to be replaced and the cost was 30K I would feel the same.

monaro17, Nov 8, 3:13pm
I believe you have ENTIRELY missed the point of this particular post.

marte, Nov 8, 3:21pm
"$7000 to replace" was just the cost of replacing the battery, not including the cost of the battery.

$25,000 works out to be about $3200 a year, would petrol savings cover that?

jacinda2059, Nov 8, 3:36pm
Had a new battery fitted to 2012 Prius, about 3 months ago, all up cost was $2.660.

intrade, Nov 8, 4:33pm
if the battery is fobar its likely not going to move no more. diagnose dan has a video on what happens on them when just the ampclamp to mesure the charge fails= you wont move 1 inch.

intrade, Nov 8, 4:44pm
What happened to the "batteries will be cheaper later on" spiel?
thats a mythos from the wopee weed smokers. ps i voted against weed, we have enough dopeheads in this country as it is. Another problem is battery fires the more larger the battery the more potential energy it releases when 1 battery goes nuclear the whole pack and the rest go up in flammes
The prius mk1 was regarded as turtle well that was because the battery was dead when it entered turtle mode.
Most people think they get a new battery when they actuarly just get a refurbished one. one who had 1 cell dead the bigger the battery the higher the cost They last 10 years plus if nothing goes wrong after 14 years your on borrowed time.

hkjoe, Nov 8, 6:22pm
An excellent, intelligent and well thought out answer. And extremely helpful.

franc123, Nov 8, 6:41pm
Yawn, car buyers in NZ cannot grasp the concept that neither the manufacturer nor the government wants your car on the road past 8-10 years, this has been the case for decades. You get more than that out of it then its a bonus, the notion that someone wants to buy something brand new and get several decades out of it doesnt fit with that policy and realistically went out of fashion when emission controls came in 40+ years ago. The transition from the old completely rebuildable air cooled VW Beetle to the disposable Golf typifies this. I dont believe that it's not possible to construct an EV battery that only lasts that long, its programmed to last that long just like the rest of the vehicle,not because it's not technically possible. Ive not studied Misubishis 10yr warranty clauses on this but they sure won't be covering even a component of degradable items like batteries.

sw20, Nov 8, 6:55pm

toenail, Nov 8, 8:40pm
Mitsi's are a poor mans PHEV. You get what you pay for. It is ranked #1 in terms of battery degradation after Year 1.

tamarillo, Nov 9, 7:43am
Ouch that’s a ridiculous difference to the Mitzi.

bigfatmat1, Nov 9, 7:51am
Why Is it 6k to install?

jacinda2059, Nov 9, 8:53am
Only took them 3-4 hours to do the battery change,on our prius, my wife went with tec ,when they went for the test drive. how the hell can they want 6k to do the mitzy. my son inlaw bought the first mitzy in n.z. and was not told how much the battery replacement would cost.

rovercitroen, Nov 9, 9:16am
Meanwhile our 2006 petrol Outlander continues to go just like it did new - now at 189,000 kms and 14 years old. Has depreciated from about $40000 14 years ago to probably about $4500 now. Feels like it has lots of life left. I drove an Outlander PHEV from work recently and thought that it was no great improvement to drive over ours. And the range is much shorter in real driving as the petrol tank is 15 litres smaller.

kazbanz, Nov 9, 11:12am
interesting that mitzi nz have an 8 year factory warranty on the phev now

intrade, Nov 9, 11:24am
ok a few things that worry me and are true . Battery do not last for ever . also telling that you had your car for 100 million years and never had a problem. is also a baseless argument.
I watched a tool reviewer talking about a german consumer test magazin and how he did think how and where they went wrong. Basically they said the supermarket tool battery was best. while 2 of the tools died in the test lol. They also stated batterys do degrade over time due to chemistry if you use it or not . Another knowen problem i know off is dendrites. "do your own research" basically all battery have a seperator like a plastic clear door from one plate to another and The dendrites puncture a hole thru this seperator = leading to degreadtion fast discharge or shorts= the fires you see on electric cars. one cell goes on fire the rest goes nuclear also aka watch teslas. and i seen a bmw and chevi bolt also go up in flames. having a phev battery of low potential nuclear power = a lower risk . just think the thing that went boom near isreal that was just fertilizer. That is basically the real dangers to know about . Research required as its only Analogy i used.

addon of what i know. This seperator the thicker the seperator the more save the battery, but the power output and amparage it can pass is extreem low. So they make the seperator as thin as possible maximum high output possible. but easy for dendrites to punch thru especially if the controller to over charge and under-discharge fails= The big fire works with extra power.

tygertung, Nov 9, 12:08pm
Unfortunately the cells are quite expensive. It costs at least $650 to get a decent battery for a electric bike and that is direct from the manufacturer in China.

As cars are much heavier than a bike, the battery will need to be significantly bigger, so will be much more expensive as it will need a lot more cells.

bigfatmat1, Nov 9, 12:48pm
this equates to around 52hrs labour at $100 p/h + gst

vtecintegra, Nov 9, 1:05pm
It's worth noting that this warranty covers battery failure (which is very uncommon) but not battery degradation (which will happen to EVs to some extent but is much more severe on the Outlander than most EVs)

intrade, Nov 9, 1:31pm
well i got a gas heater installed in my house i looked what ones are best the installer wanted me to get a rinnai as thats what they resell. quote 6 grand installed . the heater retails for about 3 grand so thats 3 for the install. Then they turn up and say they only have 2h for the job. and wanted to smash a hole in my brick house, as shel be right mate install.
In my head was ringing the alarm bells 3k for heater 3k for install in 2h?
Took them about 5 h as i was not going to have any bodge install going to happen not on my watch. Still massive amount of money for it but hey i agreed to the 6k quote.
But what really pissed me off was i asked for install with upgrade for cooker to be ready in qote. few munth later i called em to install and it was another 700+$ for a pipe and a fitting . And 30 minute Labour.
i went there and said id asked to have it all ready for the cooker in last quote. Reply we did what we deem ready . There is gungsters and retarded gungsters in this country you take your pick.
if i ever happen to fix any of there vehicles i make sure i make a few grand worth of extra charges for them.

richardmayes, Nov 9, 5:40pm
$30,000 is not "about $7,000" unless you are a Bugatti or a McLaren customer.

Surely an explanation is due here. ?

Suddenly I feel a lot better about my V6 Toyota's "expensive" petrol drinking habit.

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