Electronic stability on cars

intrade, Mar 2, 5:34am
i fail to see what that is going to help when the car crumbles up in frontal collision.

mugenb20b, Mar 2, 6:02am
It wasn't designed for that.

intrade, Mar 2, 6:06am
did you wotch the news some new chinese ute be on sale and its crumbeling badly but its gona get more stars once it has electronic stability and they think about making it compulsory for any import . this country realy is whereall the halfwitciticen migrated to when they left europe because of the cat

austingtir, Mar 2, 6:06am
Im wondering if he was drinking or on the wacky weed when he posted this.Its the only way i can make any sense of it.

intrade, Mar 2, 6:16am
huh. They said on tv1 news that the new chinese ute has poor crash rating and the anti stability programm might get introduced to this ute later and then it gets a better higher star rating. So they said its more save once it has electronic stabilising program.so i would like to know how this is stoping the car crumbeling when it gets crushed up!

gunhand, Mar 2, 6:16am
Possably, just possably it means that if all cars had it
the morons behind the wheel won't crash as much (or at all) therefore making frontal impact quaility of no issue.
That may well be what some dumb government official may be thinking, after all he or she would have spent $400000 on a consultant to say so

intrade, Mar 2, 6:17am
ah ok so they assume no one can drive and everyone will not crash no more once we have electronic stability program.

gunhand, Mar 2, 6:19am
Would that kind of logic surprise you!

countrypete, Mar 2, 6:21am
Ummmmm.It's an australian programme - they award the "stars".

bigfatmat1, Mar 2, 7:04am
A seatbelt light improves crash ratings its not just about impact