Indy Cars

lespat, May 25, 1:32am
Is there no live telecast tonight. I can't find it on live tv or Sky.

pettal, May 25, 2:36am
SKY Sport 2 , 4am Monday morning .

countrypete, May 25, 8:24am
Try this for a free link. I use this for MotoGP and it's a great free site.

countrypete, May 25, 7:37pm
Result was Montoya, Power, Kimball, with Dixon fourth

tgray, May 25, 8:59pm
It's worth watching just to see the pace car this year.
You agree 3tomany? lol.

bumfacingdown, May 25, 9:41pm
What happened with Dixon to end up fourth

countrypete, May 26, 4:34am
Lots of lead changing at the end after a long yellow period due to a crash (one of many). Dixon swapped the lead several times, but was baulked by Power, then dropped off somewhat to fourth. His car just didn't have enough to stay in the draft.

bumfacingdown, May 26, 6:24am
Thanks, last I heard he was running1st and 2nd, swopping back and forth.

lookoutas, May 26, 7:06am
The first 3 were all team-mates - Dixon had no-mates, and he said his car was pushing, so he couldn't stay with them.

lookoutas, Jun 9, 6:16am
Well there ya go - he said after the win in Texas that his engine started to struggle, so he had to back off or risk not finishing.

lookoutas, Jun 9, 7:12am
Sorry - just for those who can't read between the lines.
His engine started to struggle at Indy.

Man - he was on song at Texas. TK couldn't keep up.
They obviously get on pretty good. Remember seeing an interview a few or more years back, where he was asked who would be his pick of a team mate, and he said TK.
Now he is.

fordcrzy, Jun 9, 8:08am
those indy cars are without doubt THE UGLIEST race car ever made.

ryanm2, Jun 9, 8:22am

bill-robinson, Jun 9, 8:29am
whoever put that collection togther did not like Ligier or was anti smoking I reckon

fordcrzy, Jun 9, 8:34am
seriously? those indy cars have more a$$ than kim kardashian. FUGLY!

monzaman, Jun 9, 10:54am
They aren't meant to be pretty! they're designed for speed and down force making them faster than F1 cars now going over 220mph.

scarey65, Jun 9, 7:23pm
yes the ugliest race car ever.
put me off watching. used to watch when nigel Mansell raced along with a few other xf1 drivers seems boring now

elect70, Jul 1, 5:08pm
Power up to his usual tricks at indy 500 , had plenty of warnings over his antics of taking out others , But with 3 Penske cars around Dixon bound to gang up on him , but ever the nice guy didnt blame Power for baulking him

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