Brake pads for 2003 Toyota Corolla

flier3, Dec 13, 11:25pm
These needs replacing for a WOF. Can anyone give me a ball park figure on cost to get this done? Best place to get it done? Many thanks.

kazbanz, Dec 13, 11:38pm
Flier- Your local mechanic wouldn't have an issue installing pads. Or if he does he shouldn't be a mechanic.
A straight out. Lube em up and toss em in job should be about $100
disk skim and a general lookover whilst they are in bits would add roughly another $100

neell, Dec 14, 10:22pm
DON'T go to Pitstop/Midas or the like.
If you do you will end up paying well over the actual price and end up with a lot of new stuff you didn't really need.

sr2, Dec 14, 10:58pm
Not quite the right advice. Pitstop is a franchise, they range from providing great value/service through to being daylight robbers.
It's unfair to tar them all with the same brush.

neell, Dec 14, 11:20pm
How you can tell the difference?

sr2, Dec 14, 11:45pm
Simple due diligence as you would do with any company offering a service. Ask your friends, Google, Facebook or even approach the company for a reference. In my experience most companies with a well established satisfied client base have a few customers who are more than happy to supply a referral.

toyboy3, Dec 15, 12:32am
Look for a garage that does a lot of taxis ! They will not be there if they charge like a wounded bull

sw20, Dec 15, 1:19am
Fair point. They would want the cheapest price and the longest terms as well.

sr2, Jun 15, 11:36am
LOL; just remember the old adage about fast, good and cheap!

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