Wooden boat?

blubottom, Apr 1, 7:11pm
Will a 115hp evinrude be suitable for a 16 foot wooden runabout with a steel transom?

grangies, Apr 1, 7:17pm
That will all depend on the weight, bulk etc of the wooden boat.

For example. A 16ft wooden dingy could certainly not handle a 115 outboard. Whereas a much heavier and robust 16ft cabin cruiser probably could.

skin1235, Apr 1, 7:18pm
for running to the fishing spots and back, having a day on the lake etc fine, for waterski-ing, pulling a ring, water speed records not so suitable, 16ft wood with steel transom with a 115 will be hard pushed to stay up on plane when under load

suggest you run it across a weightbridge and ask boat shop, the weight will be the factor

newtec1, Apr 2, 4:23am
it depends on so many factors as have been mentioned. Light weight,heavy, deep V,flat bott, Ply,Planked ,designed to take that size etc etc. Normaly it would be overkill on a ply boat ,and just OK for a glass boat with the right design.

xs1100, Apr 2, 7:23am
ask over fishing.net.nz good boat site there

str81, Apr 2, 10:07am
I have a 20 foot Hartley Glass over ply with a 115HP Mariner 2 stroke no complaints here.

snoopy221, Apr 1, 2:08pm
No and the steel transom is the worst 115 with a steel transom on a wooden boat would be worse than too big a motor on a fiberglass boat stressing the hull and breaking it at a given harmonic induced point in the rear third of the hull.
Ask WHY the steel transom was fitted.

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