Under 50cc scooter questions.

paua78, Feb 7, 2:28am
Apologies if this is the silliest question but could a scooter (under 50cc) be temporarily transported on its side/on a lean in the back of a vehicle without it leaking from the fuel tank or something? It would only be a five minute drive if that.

I'm looking at options for getting to work after dropping my children at daycare. Plenty of free parking around daycare but then i've got to get down (and then later in the day back up) a reasonably big hill. I have a people mover so it may well just stand up okay in the back anyway. Assuming its light enough for me to lift it in/out.

xs1100, Feb 7, 2:50am
get some ramps and take back seat out and should fit I used to transport some this way

dublo, Feb 7, 3:26am
Ask the motor scooter dealers what could be done. I recall once seeing a small moped clamped on a bracket fitted to the towbar of a vehicle - rather like a bicycle bracket but stronger. A people mover may be hefty enough to cope with the weight hanging off the rear.

sqidlie, Feb 7, 9:01am
Minimize the amount of fuel in the tank and do a trial run

motorboy2011, Jun 29, 11:52am
I have put a few scooters in the back of my stagea. Generally I lay them on grass for 5 min and see what leaks out, if something leaks try laying it on the other side. I've not had a scooter that leaked on both sides. Be aware that can be a mole to start after being on their side.