Sym Mio Scooter 50cc Fuel Gauge - Advice Please

jackels, Jun 15, 6:22am
Can anyone offer advice on how to fix a fuel gauge, I purchased a replacement gauge and replaced the rubber fitting, but still it's not working?

tamarillo, Jun 15, 6:44am
Why do you think gauge is broken? It might be fine but not receiving Any information from the sensor. Did you test gauge or just assume.
Quite why a 50cc scotter needs a real.guage I don't know.

jackels, Jun 15, 7:14am
My flatmate and I both use the scooter, so a gauge is useful to know when the petrol needs to be filled, I thought that was the purpose of the gauge?

cammey, Jun 15, 7:21am
It may be the sender. The gauge. The wiring loom. The fuse.

If you have replaced the gauge it most likely the the sender, the wiring loom or the fuse.

jmma, Jun 14, 7:15pm
Stick (o: