Can scooters (50cc) have finance owing?

comfreak91, Mar 28, 12:51am
Hi everyone. Was just about to buy a 50cc scooter and was wondering if they can have finance owning/security just like a car! If so would the PPSR be the best way to check! Thanks so much.

gunhand, Mar 28, 12:54am
If you mean could it still have money owing on it yes it could. depending on age and price. If you mean is it a security against something else possably but would have to be a fairly expensive one for a finance company to do that.

comfreak91, Mar 28, 12:58am
Hi gunhand thanks for that, Yep i meant money owing on it. Would you do the PPSR search for that! Many thanks.

gunhand, Mar 28, 1:03am
If you think it has money owing on do whatever check needs to be done to be on the safe side.Is it a newish one you are looking at. Wouldnt imagine much be owing on one but could have been a no deposit or something. What does the seller say.

3962, Sep 2, 8:03pm
Text rego to 3463 to see if there's anything owing on it.