Suzuki 50cc 1998 scooter

insuroc, Aug 15, 5:40am
How to remove engine?
We need to fit bearings and conrod.

tamarillo, Aug 15, 5:47am
Can't be hard, just start undoing things. Too many differing models for any more accuracy I'd have thought, but I'd just pull out my tools and start removing covers and shit and it should become obvious. Usually with things like this you detach whole swing arm/engine in one peice.

noswalg, Aug 15, 5:52am
ummm if you're asking how to remove the engine do you think you should be rebuilding the top end?

insuroc, Aug 15, 6:00am
We have taken the head off but we need to get conrod out to replace the conrod and bearings.

jmma, Aug 15, 6:29am
Bottom (o:

noswalg, Aug 15, 6:46am
c'mon they haven't stipulated whether it's a top or bottom end bearing and a conrod could be either but lets not argue the semantics : - P

m16d, Aug 15, 6:50am
If you have to arsk how to remove the engine,then I would guess you haven't got any idea what your doing, so just leave it alone. pay someone to do it.

insuroc, Aug 15, 7:07am
It could be a throw away item. Thanks for all your advice.

doriandarby, Aug 16, 4:15am
if you decide to throw it away, let me know!

kazbanz, Aug 16, 5:14am
Could you be a bit more specific as to which Suzuki 50?
generally with a scooter you drop the whole engine/drivetrain as a unit.
Youull need to undo about 4 BIG bolts and unplug the cables/unplug the pipes.
I suspect though you will need to remove the variator assembily.

insuroc, Aug 16, 8:33am
It is a verde. Thanks for your help kazbanz.

kazbanz, Aug 16, 10:59pm
On the basis you already have the head off the scooter that suggests you have removed the body work and the fuel tank.
To make life easier grab a lenth of 100x50 and put the scooter stand down onto it.Then the front needs to be tied down -you don't want it falling over.
Youll see that there are cables going to the carb-They need to be disconnected. Use a trolly jack to take the weight of the engine.
Remove the rear wheel.
Remove the rear suspension
you will see four (possibly three) big bolts holding the engine/transmission to the rest of the bike. Undoo those and the engine should just drop away as a unit.
From there you will from memory need to remove the cover for the drive belt to get access to the crank etc.

insuroc, Oct 2, 4:21pm
This will make things easier for us. Thank you very much.