Maybe a silly 49/50cc scooter question.

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kermitnz1, Sep 21, 5:11am
I used to ride a lot, but mostly bigger off road bikes so I don't really know anything about scooters. I know that a child has to be able to reach the foot pegs on a bike to be a pillion passenger. What my question is, is that I am wanting to get a scooter to beetle around on and don't know if it is possible to get a wee scooter that allows for a pillion passenger so I can take my (tall) 8 year old out with me on it safely? thanks guys. Oh and only wanting a 49/50cc scooter if that is at all possible.

socram, Sep 21, 5:17am
I bought my wife a new 49cc scooter for her 60th birthday, without test driving it. Biggest waste of money ever. It struggled to carry me up our sloping street and I'm only 85 kilos.

Decided it was a mobile chicane/death trap and took it off her and locked it in the garage, where it has stayed for 9 years - and has only done 52kms.

Moral is; test drive - with your son on the back - and see how it goes.

robotnik, Sep 21, 5:26am
Of course his son will probably grow quickly, so a scooter that is not suitable now, will probably be fine in 12 months.

kazbanz, Sep 21, 5:27am
I wouldn't buy a sub 50cc scooter if you hold a bike licence.
because they can be ridden on a car licence they command a premium price.If you want a scooter I'd look at a 125 or similar.

melonhead1, Sep 21, 5:46am
You could stroke a 50cc scooter so its got more guts but looks the same outwardly.

kermitnz1, Sep 21, 5:51am
thanks guys. I don't want to go too big as I am not a big lady myself (5'2" and 50kgs) and being 50yrs old not as strong and agile as I once was. The bigger off road bikes weren't a problem because I was as rough as guts and if I got in trouble and couldn't get both feet down I'd just dump my bike lol. So just wanting something as small as possible that will carry my daughter and I along, I don't mind if top speed is only 70/80k. But thank you for the advice,I will definitely try one out first and see how we go.

msigg, Sep 21, 6:18am
Think of you and your children's safety and Don't get one.

jmma, Sep 21, 6:23am
Oh and don't forget the cotton wool (o:

tamarillo, Sep 21, 7:27am
50 cc won't safety carry you and child, you'll be so slow you'll not be able to keep with traffic. Dangerous.
Do you have bike licence though? If you do a 125 can still be very manageable and ideal.
If not, and you're looking new, check out Yamaha tricity. Works very well indeed and car license only 125cc.

kermitnz1, Sep 21, 7:55am
Thanks guys, I don't have a bike licence, but don't mind getting one, I don't see it being a problem. As far as keeping my children safe, I think I can do that, considering I have taught all 5 of them to hunt, shoot, off road motorbike, paddock race, weld, panel beat and race V8 heavy weights and all of them are still alive, the oldest now being 33yrs old, but thanks for your concern.

ash4561, Sep 21, 8:02am
I think a nifty fifty Yamaha 50cc older scooter top speed was about 50 km an hour on the flat and after going travelling for about 5km when I got off id be shaking from the vibrations I think

kermitnz1, Sep 21, 8:04am
haha, that brought back memories, I used to ride my Mothers niffty 50 many years ago, I thought I was pretty neat back then!

crankypants69, Sep 21, 8:16am
I've got a 9yr old girl who you couldn't peel off the back of my bike, even if you wanted to.

kermitnz1, Sep 21, 8:20am
lol, yup all of mine are/were the same. My middle son had the nickname 'splat' because every time I jumped on the bike he was magically attached to my back like a splat, even when I didn't see him coming. My kids loved their bikes and going out on the back with the adults on the bigger bikes. They still love bikes now.

coolnzmum, Sep 21, 8:40am
I'm early fifties and had a 50 cc about 30 years ago. If you had asked me a year ago if I would ride another bike now I would have said no but I'm now a motorcycle postie :-) I'm riding a 110 cc bike and it was no trouble getting back on a bike even though it was a bigger bike than I rode all those years sgo. It easily sits at 80 ks. If I wanted a bike I could take a kid on with me I would go for the 110/125 cc bike.

kermitnz1, Sep 21, 8:55am
lol, awesome coolnzmum. I will take every ones advice and look at up to a 125cc. Do scooter type bikes have foot pegs for a passenger though? I was being lazy and trying to avoid having to sit my bike licence, bugger. I just want to be able to zip her down to the beach or the pool sort of thing in the summer.

danchop, Sep 21, 10:39am
most 50cc don't have factory accommodation for pillions even though the seat intices the idea,125 cc bikes do carry a heavy relicense fee $430,but are far more practical and safe for what youre asking.

kermitnz1, Sep 21, 10:49am
Thank you, that's good information.

mrfxit, Sep 21, 7:23pm
49cc & under = car licence + minimal bike reg, minimal insurance
51cc & over = motorbike licence + large bike reg + wof + heavy insurance

3 wheeler motorbike is apparently able to be ridden on a car licence

kazbanz, Sep 21, 7:43pm
Top speed more like 50km/h two up --if that.
I can tell you for definite a 100-125 cc scooter is sod all bigger/heavier than a 50cc scooter. Actually one to look at is the old honda C90
I suspect that would be perfect --and has the advantage of a "full sized" front wheel

quickbuck, Sep 23, 12:40am
Nifty was a Honda. Yamaha made the Jog.

loose.unit8, Sep 23, 12:47am
There's just no good place on the road for a scooter. They are more dangerous than a motorbike. Zero power to get you out of trouble if you need it. One up is bad, two up is ridiculous. At least going through the exercise of getting your bike license you'll learn a few basics like where to position yourself on the road and the actual rules for riding. This is where people who ride them on car licenses make an dangerous, ignorant menace of themselves.

Maybe try a 125 kawasaki ninja or similar. They are relatively short and quite thin. Test ride a few so you know that they fit you ok.

bwg11, Sep 23, 1:05am
Bit OT, but I have 2 of these, on a C50 and a CL50. The cast iron barrels are stamped 49cc, so a big power increase but still moped rego.

tamarillo, Sep 23, 5:05am
Have a test of the Yamaha tricity, only advantages over two wheels inc stability and no bike licence .

kazbanz, Sep 23, 5:12am
bwg11-- The CL50 was a cool lil bike. Its definitely a resto project I'd love to take on. As a younger fella I tried shoehorning a C90 engine into one
but lacked the skills to get everything properly lined up mounts etc wise