1996 XJ6 Jaguar ABS Brake light staying on.

hotrod, Nov 24, 9:28pm
Any Ideas my ABS break light is staying on .Breaks are working fine .I have had a electrician look at it & a break specialist have a look & they have both found nothing that they can pinpoint.My last option other than asking if anyone else with a XJ6 Jaguar has had the same problem .Other wise I will have to send off to the Jaguar Dealers to get 1 of there guys to sort. T

tamarillo, Nov 24, 9:32pm
Does it have a diagnostic connection port? Assume it does. Correct diagnostic scan should give fault code that will help.

intrade, Nov 24, 9:39pm
well does the abs still work did you try that out on some gravel road for a test you can do obviously not at 100kph if brakes lock up then its got no abs and you let the brake go so you can steer again

elect70, Nov 25, 2:55am
If it has pad wear sensors they can bring it up , or even a broken wire on them . My disco used to do it so cut off the sensors & fixed it .

jhw2, Nov 25, 6:20am
I had a similar issue with my 2004 X Type wagon. Jaguar dealer thought it was the sensors, but my local garage suggested before I replaced them that I try a new battery. This cured the problem instantly - apparently there was not quite enough juice getting through the system

saxman99, Nov 25, 6:28am
There are 3,426 reasons the light can come on. Only way forward is to scan the computer for fault codes, anything else is (costly) stab in the dark stuff.

phillip.weston, Sep 13, 1:20am
I would crack open the casing of the ABS ECU and check for dry solder joints first. Common issue on the Euros.

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