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gazzat22, Dec 19, 9:06pm
Just flicking through Cars for Sale and came across quite a few late model(2013/14)low k,s imported from Australia advertised for $5000 or more less than NZ franchised dealers Presume Toyota NZ wouldnt waranty them but must be tempting for someone who wants a late model a fair bit cheaper .Kaz would know what the story is.

toyboy3, Dec 19, 9:09pm
They may be cars written off with insurance storm hail damage or flood damage

gazzat22, Dec 19, 9:15pm

rovercitroen, Dec 19, 9:36pm
Quite a few have been written off in Aussie due to minor accidents or damage. May not be a bad thing if they have been fixed properly.

sw20, Dec 19, 9:41pm
I was driving through Merivale a few months back and was behind a very late model Renault Clio Sport. Looked like a 200. Here it was in black with ACT plates and a AUS sticker on the back bumper.

bashfulbro, Dec 19, 9:54pm
i can`t recall the details, but i remember reading an article regarding, this, i think it was the CEO of a company called 2 Cheap cars, explained it all.
Was something to do with a supply surplus in Japan, but because of Toyota NZ, they couldn`t be brought to NZ directly.
The guy said it would result in good deals for NZ Toyota buyers, i thought he quoted up to $10,000 cheaper.

vtecintegra, Dec 19, 9:55pm
That car is an Australian model, not one from the Japanese market.

bashfulbro, Dec 19, 9:56pm

vtecintegra, Dec 19, 10:04pm
Those ones will come direct from Japan

The Japanese market Corolla is a very different car to the NZ/AU one (except for the wagon) so Toyota does have a point about specs being different

ntalke, Dec 19, 10:11pm
Seen a few on here no doubt many more

Pays to do your homework as many also were subject to Estuarine flooding up the coast not long ago

gazzat22, Dec 19, 11:24pm
Like the manyJap imports then?

vtecintegra, Dec 20, 1:07am
Even more of a difference with the Corolla - the Japanese one is much smaller and on an entirely different platform. Whereas there may be spec and engine differences between a 3 and an Axela but at least the body/chassis is the same.

nightboss, Dec 20, 1:15am
The Aussies had a few RAV4 models with 3.5 V6 before the most recent model change, are those imported here too? CV6, SR6 & ZR6.

vtecintegra, Dec 20, 1:17am
You can get them ex Japan as well

kcf, Dec 20, 1:21am
Lots of write offs coming out of Aussie.

phillip.weston, Dec 20, 2:30am
there are lots of late model cars turning up on the likes of eBay and Gumtree in Australia which are written off (many due to light damage, even hail damage is enough to write a car off). Once the car is written off it gets put onto the WOVI register. In QLD it's not too hard to get a written off car back on the roads (just like a re-registration inspection in NZ), but some states like VIC and NSW are far stricter and therefore difficult to get back on the roads.

gazzat22, Dec 20, 2:38am
Thanks,was toying with the idea of a"new" car and saw these .Might be OK but from past experience if its too good to be true it probably is.

807, Dec 20, 3:03am
huh ? I have a corolla runx jap import that has the same dimensions as a nz model, but is far more highly spec'd.

vtecintegra, Dec 20, 3:53am
That isn't so for the newer versions - there the Japanese Corolla is a different thing entirely.The Japanese Auris is the equivalent of our Corolla (and the direct replacement for the Run X)

kazbanz, Dec 20, 7:30am
Im sorry dude I dunno about the "good" cars out of auzzie.
I so know that if it waddles and it quacks --likely is a duck.
Which despite the protestations of those importing damaged cars from Auzzie seems to be the ACTUAL state of the cars = rymes with ducked.

ang_ck, Dec 20, 9:40am
i came across import4less website and was surprised with the pricing for a new Honda Jazz in Japan. Anyone dealt with the company in the past?

joanie32, Dec 20, 9:23pm
We have three cars ex Aussie cars in our fleet now. All repaired in Aus, and all excellent vehicles. I'm a panel beater by trade and went over each of them thoroughly before we purchased. Very hard to find any repairs, bit of overspray here and there etc. I recommend them without hesitation, car dealers are attempting to paint a picture of these cars being of lesser quality, solely for selfish reasons.

bashfulbro, Dec 20, 9:36pm
My mate in Aussie has one, we travelled long distances with him ,i was so impressed with his V6 rav 4, i made enquiries with Toyota when i got home, they did not have the rav 4 V6 here, a year later ,i came across a Toyota Vanguard, and bought one. It is identical to my mates one in Aussie, except for the name. Had to change mapping, entertainment system, etc, but an awesome car. A more powerful version of RAV 4, or less clumsy, smaller version of a Highlander is how i`d sum it up.

kazbanz, Dec 21, 12:06am
That makes no sense at all. If theres a potential profit in it dealers are generally in like a robbers dog.
Your experience is the opposite to what ive personally seen out there.
Even check a couple or recent MVDT cases.Repairs required worse than anticipated.
Funny isn't it. There was a huge hubhub over The POTENTIAL of flood damaged jappas coming into NZ Yet cars that are KNOWINGLY being purchased in auzzie as flood damaged its all ok.

franc123, Dec 21, 12:25am
While a late model car from Australia would perhaps make me a little more suspicious given a fair chunk of them have been damaged, I wouldn't be paying any more or less attention to its condition than something from Japan, Singapore, UK. or NZ new either. EVERYTHING regardless of where its been used needs to be scrutinized carefully, how perfect do we think insurance repairs done locally to a price to NZ new cars that haven't been deregoed and therefore not back through recompliance might be? Chew that one over.

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