Ownership of boat ?

halo1636, Mar 28, 5:14am
Hi guys looking at buying a boat off trademe
is there anyway to check if said seller owns the boat or owes money on boat?
thanks paul

tony9, Mar 28, 5:23am
If the boat is registered against a loan it should be here. http://www.ppsr.govt.nz/cms

snoopy221, Mar 28, 5:23am
Absolutely no problem so long as ya know the boat's name and it's over 50 feet - or in survey -lol

bwg11, Mar 28, 5:34am
Just a caution, the seller may own the registered trailer, debt free, but the boat may be encumbered.

halo1636, Mar 28, 5:38am
I'm only looking at 5 metre size boat just thought there would be a way to check like there is with cars

gmphil, Mar 28, 5:56am
my guess to get a loan on a 5 meter it would have be a full package on reg in wof trailer so if is would be against plate ? but above could be rite never now!

haventrader, Mar 28, 6:02am
I looked at buying a boat years ago. Vendor's behaviour was very suspicious- did not know how to start it, could not answer obvious questions etc. I found an identification plate with a serial number on the boat, and called the cops to check whether there was any need for concern. They came straight back and confirmed it was all legit. Might be the way to check.

aj.2., Mar 28, 6:06am
Not really able to trace boat ownership, as they do not have a numbering system., to register them.
You can fit them onto just about any trailer, so even checking rego, does not mean anything.
If you really worried, you could maybe check at local Cop shop, and see if they have any of the type you are looking at, listed.

yabba2, Mar 29, 5:54am

xs1100, Mar 29, 9:25pm
similar problem with caravans and trailers no real id numbers

gabbysnana, Apr 5, 12:05pm
You ppsr the owners name with a debtor search. If they have a loan for buying the boat it will show it in the collateral.

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