Hey intrade, MB glow plugs

saxman99, Jan 8, 10:31pm
Hey again chaps, sorry for the thread dredge but thought I would post an update since people seem to like that sort of thing.

The glow plug system is now sorted, it had one failed plug and also the relay control box was stuffed.

However, the van also suffered an unrelated problem while we were on holiday whereby it refused to start. To cut a very long story short it turned out to be failed seals on the commonrail relief valve which caused a low fuel pressure problem.

I know I'm not supposed to do this bit I'm gonna give a shout out to the team at Keith Andrews Trucks in Whangarei who went out of their way and well above the call of duty to help us out and get our holiday back on track. What a great bunch of guys and fantastic service. (I am NOT affiliated with them in any way. )

Cheers all.

intrade, Jan 9, 12:23am
Yes well i got a capella mazda outside with partial broken injector rotary pump , asked him if he used the diesel additive, he said he did not do it no more. ah well . he payd 560$ in whangarei to be told the injection timing control was faulty , They did not missdiagnose it at least as i cam to the same conclusion after 1h on it wish i could charge 560$ in 1h for telling something is stuffed.
and no it was not the same place as the op.

saxman99, Jan 9, 1:29am
Ah yes the diesel additive, I was going to ask you about that.

What is it called, what's it for, how much does it cost and why should I use it?

msigg, Jan 9, 1:50am
Best is moreys, buy from super cheap or repco or even the Wharehouse I think.

intrade, Jan 9, 3:16am
basically it dont matters what you use currently in my istana ssangyoung i run chemtech again but morreys is the best for amount of coverage and price as poster 19 said i get morreys sometimes for 18$ from supersheep autos. when it is on special. its called morreys diesel stop smoke a bit a stupid name for it they should rename the product.

saxman99, Dec 17, 9:54am
Hi guys, hi intrade.

What does it mean if the glow plug light is on all the time?

2001 MB Sprinter 2.2cdi om611


llortmt, Dec 17, 10:25am
It means you need to check it with a scan tool, shorted glow plug, temp sensor issue, control module, wiring fault etc. ect.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 17, 6:47pm
Hi saxman, sorry not intrade but since he hasn't replied yet.

It's most likely that one of the glowplugs has failed. I would suggest testing those with a multimeter first before moving on to other possible causes. unless you already happen to have a scan tool etc. If you need instructions for testing these with a multimeter just ask.

When it comes to replacing them, a couple of tips.
1. ALWAYS undo them with a warm engine and don't force them. It's very easy to twist one off and get yourself in the poo. If it doesn't feel like it's going to come out easily, I like to spray the area around the plug with easy off bam (assuming it's mounted in a way where it will pool around the plug). Then warm the engine and try again. Just because BAM works doesn't mean other cleaners will work, it seems to be particularly suited to softening that carbon buildup.

2. Some replacements are not as good as others, both from a strength at removal time and a functional standpoint. Not necessarily a big deal but something to consider.

3. Don't pay too much for replacements, if in doubt, grab some from ebay. I usually do a set if the car has a few km's/years on it, provided they come out easy enough. Given the age of your vehicle I would say the plugs are well due for replacement, if not the second or third time around depending on km's.

intrade, Dec 17, 10:03pm
you did not just unplug the egr valve or something like mazda direc injector keep the glowlight on constant if you unplug the egr valve . I dont know how easy it is to get to the glowplugs or if it is more easy to do a scan Supersheep auto claim they do you a full scan with bosch scanner that scanner will be merc oem capable you would want athe printout from both the oem merc codes and the global obd2 emission code side to look at serial data stored including possibile freeze frame data .

intrade, Dec 17, 10:16pm
glowplugs are often not required on direct injector diesel they are mostly for emission controll still on , like my tdi vw dont uses glowplugs above 16 degree celcius for starting just some info not that you think you have a power problem when it might not turn on glowplugs , something to research if it does or does not do this, my tdi is unit injected not cr. and my merc is old preconbustion chamber clone engine from the w123 non direct injected, i need to glow it even when hot manually with a push button. cant wire a cr like this as the computer controls glowing procedure for sure , you will be able to bidirectionally turn on glowplugs with a oem capable scantool.

llortmt, Dec 18, 12:42am
Intrade, Its only about three branches on Supercheap currently doing fault code reading.

saxman99, Dec 18, 4:04am
Awesome info as always thanks gents.

I have only just bought this van, haven't touched a thing yet. Don't even have possession yet for that matter. Noticed the light on test drive, current owner says the light has always been on and he wasn't worried about it. Van drove fine.

I would like to buy my own scan tool for it, what should I look at?

intrade, Dec 18, 4:13am
difficult as i am not a specific merc fan , i am more interested in multy scanners so i can fix more cars at oem level. for that launch x431 is good
the guy who runs the nz diagnostic classes has a mercedes ML i think one of them big jurassic park looking new mercs , i got the android launch tool . Support is almost 0 for it and i only got the dacia software on it so far software singles is 66$us the tool is 120$nz so it be bout 250$ for that with the merc software it keeps telling me my dongle is not registered and at automechanica launch just told me they dont support the android one and i should buy there other one . well yea i will buy your other one if there is pi$$ poor support. snapon was more friendly but there we talk 3500euro for a modis ultra. snapon is heavy on usa cars especially older ones probably be of no use for euro or asian cars .

intrade, Dec 18, 4:25am
functions for my dacia software i could do almost anything on our 1.2 dacia petrol one function not working was biderectional controlling rear window wiper , For the diesel dacia it was worse said dpf not ok or ok for particle filter but no injector coding function that i could see. Thing is that part might be under renault as i did not have the renault software only dacia. Anyhow for commonrail diesel i use the mm03 to directly controll diesel injector with external equipment for fuelinjector testing since its difficult to get oem level for any commonrail via scantool and you cant drive a commonrail pump to produce overpressure for testing with a scantool with the mm03 you can drive em bosch siemens delpy denso pumps, so high that some shut down wih error high rail pressure. That will tell you the ecu functions and the pump can do its job and has no internal pressure lekage without removal cr pump from vehicle.
So it depends how much you want to do ,you will need to learn a lot . The turbos are also controlled different its a vaccume line via ecu opening waste gate if its not variable gate charger unlike older turbo who just open waste gate with the pressure bowl on chargers via a set pretention.

bigfatmat1, Dec 18, 4:38am
This scan tool is awesome. http://www.autolandscientech.com/v2009/multinational/product_a1.php had the joy of using one on a Nissan Navarra to code some injectors and a Nissan vanette for a forced dpf burn and egr calibration. It is incredibly fast so many functions compared to hanatech Carman and launch. It's $7k

intrade, Dec 18, 4:51am
had a quick look DAS/Xentry would be oem merc level tool , carsoft cheap versions sell for 100$ us on dx with reviews

intrade, Dec 18, 4:57am
bigfatmat1 wrote:
This scan tool is awesome. http://www.autolandscientech.com/v2009/multinational/product_a1.php had the joy of using one on a Nissan Navarra to code some injectors and a Nissan vanette for a forced dpf burn and egr calibration. It is incredibly fast so many functions compared to hanatech Carman and launch. It's $7k[/quote
i looked at that quickly launch will do any nissan coding injectors i just dont know if the 120$ android version idiag will do this but the winblows launch-pad will do that, least support is usually for volkswagen groupe vehicles as they run a complete different way with grouped numbers and channels for control each function has a channel like cb radio on vag vehicles , so rosstech is doing 100% of vw functions just not milage correction or reading out the ecu engine tune programing

thejazzpianoma, Dec 18, 7:07am
Away with you and your irresistible tool porn. My Christmas wish list is too long already.

saxman99, Dec 18, 7:12am
Yup. At 7k I reckon I just remove the warning light bulb.

bigfatmat1, Aug 8, 8:44am
did I mention it runs oem software as well