Super Black Racing Motor Oil

petal_91, Jul 28, 10:37pm
Anyone tried the new Super Black Racing Motor Oil available from the Warehouse?

The old name was Aegis Oil and is run by legendary racing driver Paul Radisich.

321mat, Jul 29, 12:04am
Better value elsewhere.

In other words, if you like your car, use Mobil or Castrol.
Not unproven cr@p.

And, just remember, even through some people are sponsored by oil companies, it doesn't mean that they use their product.

pericles1, Jul 29, 12:25am
Wouldn't run that junk in my lawnmower, why not use an Oil from the worlds leading lubrication manufacturer MOTUL

darryl, Jul 29, 12:38am
I used to get super black oil out of my tired 253 v8 motor. It went in clean - came out suuuper black.

Maybe i should have been selling it

elect70, Jul 29, 2:17am
Never trust something with celeb endorsements bound to be crap . Ask Paul does he put it in his V& super car ? Me, ive aways used Castrol they only make oil & have been doing it for over 50 years

melonhead1, Jul 29, 2:53am
Please don't cheap out on motor oil for you car. Its just not worth it.

petal_91, Jul 29, 3:44am
The oil isn't actually that cheap. Eg. ~$65 for 4L of 5W/30 semi synthetic, SM/CF grade. The same weight Castrol Magnatec from the Redshed is cheaper.

shaun16, Jul 29, 4:41am
I usually use magnatec and am happy with that. although the price seems to have jumped up unless you can find it on a good special

ladatrouble, Jul 29, 5:49am
Nothing wrong with Aegis oil, they've been around for years and are the only company blending in NZ. You can ring up the blender and they'll brew up any concoction you want. Currently using their 20/50 Classic with heaps of zinc in my bike, and a synth in my lawnmower. just because I had 500ml left over.

sr2, Jul 29, 6:39am
My observation is that the parochial "never skimp on oil quality" brigade is usually seen to be blindingly recommending the brands that receive the most media exposure in NZ?

With a little research you??

melonhead1, Jul 29, 7:52am
Ok, I'm wrong. Don't listen to me, not you did. Thats just as well.

sr2, Dec 13, 8:24am
LOL; I wasn't intending to have a go at you mate, my apologies if it came across that way. I was just expounding your sagely advice.

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