Importing diesel 4x4

garvan04, Mar 18, 8:57am
How come I'm seeing "fresh imports" or older diesel vx landcuisers? Thought these were on the unsuited list? Have the rules relaxed again?

franc123, Mar 18, 9:12am
Because if they are over 20yo they can be imported again, yet under this age if they haven't got the emission codes and other BS they're dangerous unsafe polluters that are banned. Its just
more fudged thinking from bureaucrats in this country.

kazbanz, Mar 18, 7:02pm
garvan--as franc says they are over 20 years old and NOW fairly rare.

intrade, Mar 18, 7:11pm
actuarly poster 2 that is not quite correct. The older diesel made visible smoke large particles that get trapped by your mucus befor they really enter your lungs much, the new diesel with removed dpf create nanoparticle that go straight in to your lungs and blood stream after, so new ones if not 100% serviced correct cause way more cancer.
What you cant see is oten more dangerous then what you can see.
Only way would be emission controls test , but then 90% of all cars would be with no wof new and old for failed emission tests.

garvan04, Mar 22, 8:22am
So I can import an old diesel Landcruiser or Safari so long as the model is 1994 or older?

kimbo88, Mar 23, 5:59am
Yes, and you can import 1995's if you wish, but you may have to wait until a date later this year to get it complied. They can be complied from the month after what was original manufacture date, eg, if manufactured say October 1995, can be complied from November 2015. You can import anything you like at any time, it's just a case of what can be complied and what can't - you can import then wait for the 20 year anniversary to occur. However, you probably don't want to go too far down that track in case there are any rule changes at a later date. Hopefully there won't be, but you can't assume anything either.

kimbo88, Apr 17, 10:07pm
I had meant to say in the previous post too, that one of the biggest problems with these vehicles of this age from Japan can be rust or corrosion. Both will cause a headache of varying degrees in the compliance process here, so you have to be fairly careful of what you're actually buying. Don't take it at face value.

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