Interesting to see USA cars cheaper than importing

tgray, Jul 29, 6:58am
yourself on Trademe.
The NZ dollar has fallen 22c in the last year and there are some real bargains to be had on here. Wish I had more room for some more toys.

lookoutas, Jul 29, 7:03am
I know, I'm starting to think twice about the price I've got on mine!

It might go up soon.

mals69, Jul 29, 7:17am
Maybe if buying from a USA certified dealer - can still buy cheaper
in the states and land here. Lookoutas looks to have the hook-ups though
with the majority of his stangs going cheap.

lookoutas, Jul 29, 7:28am

Just sold a model on offer for a good price, but it's gunna cost only $5 less to replace it.
So the next one won't be as cheap.

tintop, Jul 29, 7:32am
A few ex headhunters ones coming up for auction one day :)

tgray, Jul 29, 7:58am
Can you please explain what a 'USA certified dealer' is?

survivalkiwi, Jul 29, 8:22am
lol (-:

tgray, Jul 29, 8:32am
You should think twice, it's been a year.

lookoutas, Jul 29, 9:09am
Perhaps I don't really care if I sell it or not.

The reality is that it would cost over 50K to buy that same car now, get it here and on the road.

tgray, Jul 29, 9:35am
That is my exact point of this thread.
No offence intended. I had one of these back in 1991 and loved it.

mals69, Jul 29, 8:51pm
Put it into uncle google and you will soon see - think you already know anyway.

lookoutas, Jul 30, 6:59am
Jeez - that 50K estimate just went down about 4K going by tonight's rate.

tgray, Dec 9, 10:06am
Not anywhere near 4k, but point taken.

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