Abs problems

boilmkr77, Feb 13, 8:56am
Put new front rotors on 94 Fairmont and now brake feel like there grinding and can hear somthing working overtime. What have i done wrong they went on the way they came off. Cheers

franc123, Feb 13, 8:58am
Look in the unfortunate car names thread.

quickbuck, Feb 13, 9:00am
Did you replace the pads with new ones?
Did you bleed the fluid through the bleed nipples?
Or, did you just push the pucks back and hope there was enough room on the Master Cylinder to accommodate all the fluid?

My pick is the Master Cylinder (Reservoir) is over fill.

tlng, Feb 13, 9:01am
Most helpful Frank

franc123, Feb 13, 9:03am
Correct, it was. What I posted there is no doubt exactly what the issue is if you care to look.

tlng, Feb 13, 9:04am
Makes sense now. but maybe. nah all good

boilmkr77, Feb 13, 9:05am
Yeah I'll have a look at that I just pushed it back. Cheers

quickbuck, Feb 13, 9:08am
Happens a bit as the fluid gets topped up as everything wears. Even new pads on old discs use a little more fluid than new pads on new discs.

tamarillo, Feb 13, 9:26am
Eh? That makes no sense unless I'm not reading it right.
Having too much brake fluid isn't going to cause these problems, it's just going to mean some overflows surely.
These symptoms are mechanical by the sounds of it, so surely the pads are in wrong, or a spring or holder is incorrect?

franc123, Feb 13, 9:34am
Oh for goodness sake

boilmkr77 wrote:

Hi just changed the front rotors on 94 Fairmont with new ones but now brakes feel like they grinding and can what sounds like pump running continuesly. What have I done wrong? Cheers

Posted in the wrong thread for a start. The ABS is activating by the sound of it, are you sure you have fitted the right rotors? Gli versions generally didn't have ABS in the ED/EF era but obviously the Fairmont does, check that the new rotors have the sensor rings on the inside.

If this happens the ABS module cant sense the front wheels turning and thinks the front wheels have locked, and therefore pulses the modulator pump.

quickbuck, Feb 13, 10:21am
Where to?

Anyhow, the other rectification suggested by franc123 could also be it.

tamarillo, Feb 13, 10:33am
Ah good point, I was wondering why poster mentioned abs in heading.
I've a 95 Fairmont here that has abs, didn't expect it too! Maybe as you suggest they've been sold rotors for non abs car.

a.woodrow, Feb 13, 10:56am
There are three types of rotor for your car. One is non abs, as mentioned previously check if the pick up ring is there. The slots in the pickup rings are different between the other two types of rotor, make sure that the slots look the same if the new rotors have the pick up rings

mechnificent, Feb 13, 7:10pm
If the abs doesn't get a signal from the rotors it will turn the warning light on and deactivate the abs.

I reckon that if there is a grinding noise it's something other than pad material rubbing on the rotor. pad in backwards, shim between pad and rotor, wear indicator bent and rubbing. or long shot but. new rotor too wide or larger diameter and touching caliper.

I'm not familiar with this car but did you have the wheel bearings apart. are they overtightened ?

ozz1, Feb 13, 8:57pm
oh and franks on the ball TOO.
woodrow is correct. make sure the abs ring has the same amount of slots. very noticeable difference. and will do the same symptons,,

mechnificent, Feb 13, 10:25pm
"make sure the abs ring has the same amount of slots'.

That does make sense.

terry012, Jun 10, 7:13pm
Are you sure it's not the windscreen wiper wash bottle over full

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