06 Suzuki swift airbag light on

specialk11, Apr 25, 10:25pm
Hello, the airbag light is staying on any suggestions before I take it to a workshop?. Cheers

bigfatmat1, Apr 25, 10:37pm
Take it to a reputable auto electrician.

kazbanz, Apr 26, 2:01am
specialk-The airbag system in a modern car isn't something even a competent home mechanic should be even THINKING about playing with
So I wholeheartedly agree with mat.
With ONE tiny exception.
Check to see if any plugs under the front seats have been pulled loose.
If they have then plug them back in and try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes.
If the airbag light goes out you got lucky. If it doesn't then you steel need to follow mats advice but can tell the sparky what you discovered and he might just need to do a reset.

taion, Feb 24, 10:44pm
duct tape over the light and dont crash, much cheaper!

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