Boat - wanting to convert the steering

coralie, Jul 23, 1:16am
We have a scorpion dingy with a 25hp Mercury tiller controlled motor that i want to convert into steering wheel controlled. Can anyone advise me if this can be done and if so, what do i need to do ie: purchase

klrider, Jul 23, 1:59am
You need to be careful, I once towed a guy back to shore on his first trip after doing just that and flipped the boat. The weight and dynamics of the hull were all up the whop and he went sideways over a very small wave. Lost a lot of gear. Might not be the case in your instance, depends on the hull design but just be cautious, this guy was lucky we happened to see what happened.

serf407, Jul 23, 7:39am
Is it possible to have a power assisted tiller in a 25 hp?

gammelvind, Jul 23, 8:43am
Burnscos latest catalogue has what you probably need, you should go ans see them.

unclejake, Jul 23, 10:16am
Quite a bit unfortunately.

You'll need a tiller conversion kit from Mercury (or possibly two kits depending on if they supply steering and throttle kits separately or not)
A steering cable and hockey stick
A steering head and wheel
Remote cables for gear and throttle
A remote control box
Installation for all of the above

It's quite possibly cheaper and easier to replace the motor, or even the entire boat

whqqsh, Jul 23, 10:54am
was going to say the same, change boats. or maybe find a cheap wreck to strip the steering gear out of but still need to convert the motor controls

neville48, Jul 25, 11:21am
buy a ride glide unit for it, less moving parts, keep it well greased and will last forever.

xs1100, Jul 25, 9:39pm
also setting up the actual consul,as far as the rest I found smart marine the cheapest and best to deal with

coralie, Dec 19, 10:31am
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

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