Plastic welding Motor bike plastics?

dasfi, Apr 12, 4:27am
Have a Suzuki king Quad, Anybody know what sort of plastic it is? As im going to be plastic welding up some of the plastics.

12rider, Apr 12, 4:42am
If you have a look on the underside of the part there will be a manufacturing mold mark which will tell you the part number & what material it was made from. Quad panels are more often than not H.D.P.E (High Density Poly Ethylene) as it is known for its flexibility. To effect a good repair "V" the damaged area out & make 100% sure you use a rod or sliver of identical material, preferably from the same make of bike as different manufacturers use slightly different materiel recipes for there body work - if you can peel the "weld" out once it's cooled the materials are incompatible. Cheers

dasfi, Apr 12, 4:56am
Sweet as, just thought id ask before I tried as I have to remove all the framework to get to the plastics

12rider, Apr 12, 7:44pm
No sweat mate - good luck with the repairs. Cheers

dasfi, Apr 14, 9:34am
Bang on HDPE will get a roll tomorrow

skin1235, Apr 14, 9:44am
be prepared for the 'roll' to not work
I've had better success by using a grinder with a thin blade to remove a few small slivers/sticks from an edge that cannot be seen once the plastic is refitted ( under the seat is always good for surplus )
thoroughly clean it to get rid of dirt and dust, oil etc, and finally I wipe it down with iso ( plastic pipe cleaner )
Build a jig or lay a sack of sand over a small table so the welded area is well supported, and use a roller over the weld while it is still pliable, even your biggest deep socket will do, just flattens it better and thus easier to 'finish'

dasfi, Mar 11, 10:12am
Sweet as, iv also got a plastic file which gives it a good finish

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