Brake rotors for trailer brakes

morrisman1, Nov 22, 8:18am
Im installing brakes on our transporter trailer. Cos I'm a bit scottish I dont want to go down the track of making a new axle with new stubs then buying new wheels to fit the commonly available falcon pattern.

I have a set of primera calipers here which will work, they are for a 22mm rotor, and my mount will be custom so thats no trouble. What I need to find is a suitable rotor, for 4x114 pattern (could redrill if required) which will fit over the hub, and has a diameter small enough so we can use 14 inch wheels, this is about 260mm max.

Any ideas of potential donor cars?

mrfxit, Nov 22, 9:00am
Use an entire hub assembly.
Then you only have to worry about mounting the entire unit.
Next trick will be matching brake master size to suit the chosen hubs

4piggy, Nov 22, 11:43am
download the dba catalogue off there site, the early p10 primeras, u13 bluebirds use to run 14 inch wheels

xs1100, Nov 22, 7:51pm
have look at the CM Trailer website all their stuffs on there

daryl14, Nov 22, 7:57pm
Have you actually priced up making an axle using Trojan gear? It might be less hassle and not that expensive.

tweake, Nov 22, 8:55pm
whats weight trailer?
no point using small car brakes on a 2500kg trailer, unless its duals on a tandem. otherwise either big car or 4x4.
don't forget wheel bearings, they have to withstand the weight and you need to be able to replace them later on after you have forgotten what vehicle they are off.
then there is the mounting of the axle, for a lot of front disks you would have to make a new stub axle.

its far easier to get the trailer crowds gear. that way you can get the correct sized brake master cylinder.

both trojan and CM have vented disks now.

mrfxit, Nov 22, 9:15pm
Mmm 14" rims.
I would suspect that you currently have a good set of tyres on the trailer

How about a set of Hilux 5 stud hubs
Good brakes
Designed for the weight
Plentiful supply
available in 14" size (early Hilux utes etc)

Alternative brand wheels

morrisman1, Nov 22, 9:27pm
Its weights about 1500kg loaded, I already have good hubs etc on there, modern trailer ones. I hadnt seen the CM trailer stuff there, I reckon its worth investigating. Id need a caliper, a rotor and their weld on adapter plate.

kazbanz, Nov 22, 9:32pm
MM IMO you would be better crabbing the whole kit n caboodle from the likes of Picka part and fit it on
BUT disks wise, Nissan bluebird,primera and Avenir 1800/2000cc all had 14 inch wjheels. also later model Nissan sunnys (early 2000's)

morrisman1, Nov 22, 9:35pm
Unfortunately with the nissan discs it seems that the inside of the hat is not large enough to fit over the trailer hubs. Ive got a few nissan rotors around from pulsar, primeras and bluebird that I've all checked and wont fit.

h.e, Nov 23, 6:41am
I think to find something to fit under 14 inch rims you will need to look at older vechiles as most modern cars run larger rims. Bear in mind 114mm is near as god dam to 4.5 inch (114.3mm), but this could leave you with the issue of needing bearings that have a metric internal size and a imperial external, you can get them but the price can make it sore to sit.

h.e, Nov 23, 7:13am
suzuki swift are 114 x 4 and run a 14 inch rim have a look at 983989967

morrisman1, Nov 23, 8:56am
by 114, i meant 114.3.

snoopy221, Nov 23, 9:03am
Feasibility of plucking the hubs and poppin em in a lathe to fit the rotors?

franc123, Nov 23, 9:29am
Agree totally, shagging about adapting car gear to trailers simply isn't worth the hassle, there is question marks over what weight it can actually handle and there are always more problems sourcing spare parts once the model of donor vehicle becomes more scarce. At least Trojan gear is available everywhere and consumable stuff like bearings, hydraulic service parts and brake pads aren't that expensive.

tweake, Sep 17, 1:32am
is it a sensible idea to go drilling and lathing hubs to fit the rotor on to?
is certification required for trailers?

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