Prado Experts?

tophattails, Mar 3, 1:53am
97 Petrol Prado cutting out while driving -- anyone got any suggestions on what this may be? There is no noise, lights flashing etc and temp is normal --- it just dies (whether you are doing 50 or 100km) - just completely cuts out, will start again but then wont idol at all . two mechanics cant find a fault -- anyone got any ideas or experienced this before?

rob_man, Mar 3, 2:42am

franc123, Mar 3, 3:41am
Ensure both the battery terminals are clean and tight, and the battery is secured correctly. The combination of these things not being in order causes weird problems like that, even more strange is the fact it might appear to crank over normally.

luke041, May 20, 3:18am
x 2 very common.

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