HIFLY 4X4 tyres.

bigmacca, May 13, 5:34am
I saw these tyres at the local tyre place. Has anyone seen / tried them.? A mate has a pair on the back of his hilux and loves them. Price is $200 fitted each. they have a great open tread patten. Look like they would clear the mud real well. not worried about wear as I replace my 4x4 tyres before every winter.

zephyrheaven, May 13, 5:54am
Mud or AT? The muds are a little scary in the wet but as you say clear the tread blocks quite well, the AT's have good treadwear - Ive fitted them to numerous surfs / hilux / patrol et al models with good results

bigmacca, Jan 31, 12:59pm
sorry MTs. I don't bother with ATs. tho do have a set of ATs just for wofs.lol

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