70 yamaha outboard

seanlou, Feb 21, 9:02am
hi everybody I have a 70 hp Yamaha 3 cylinder 2 stroke and it has just cracked the alloy block long ways down the block threw to water jacket what would be your guys thort on welding it in place cheers

bigracket, Feb 21, 9:39am
Um good luck with that, i guess you can always get out and walk home?

xs1100, Feb 21, 8:22pm
how many threads would you like to start on this.its not going to change anything

budgel, Feb 21, 8:49pm
Advice is what you ask for when you know the answer, but wish you didnt.

nichen, Feb 22, 9:58am
you need to find out why it cracked maybe the crank is out of balance

klrider, Feb 22, 6:56pm
Welding wont fix it, duct tape is the answer. All you need to do is put some gorilla glue in the crack, run the engine for a while, let it cool, then place a good strip of duct tape over the glue. Make sure you remove all excess grease oil etc, because the tape needs to stick directly to the metal. This fix should last a good ten years, no problemo.

martin11, Feb 22, 7:01pm

klrider, Feb 22, 7:19pm
What! , how can you say that unless you have tried it? This is a proven method that all mechanics are taught day one at mechanic school. Everyone knows that you can gorilla glue a block back together, the duct tape is really just for looks, you can try and source something of a similar colour and you wont even notice. Once, I glued the bock of a V8 race car ten minutes before it went on to win Bathurst, granted, it was shagged afterwards, but it got it through the race. We couldn't find the right colour duct tape, but no one noticed which was a relief. Why anyone would consider welding when there is duct tape and gorilla glue at your local hardware is just beyond me.

mechnificent, Jun 3, 4:07am
Ha. That's brilliant Kirider.