New window master switch has missing part

jh34, Oct 8, 11:34pm
I sourced a brand new window master switch for a Toyota Raum. The door locking part has a cap over it. I suppose I need to transfer the old to the new? It took me by surprise as I thought I would get a complete unit. Is that the norm?

franc123, Oct 9, 5:32am
Yes it is. The central lock switch is a separate part.

jh34, Oct 9, 7:45am
Thanks. I'll dismantle the old one tomorrow.

jh34, Mar 5, 8:25am
The new one cost $391NZD. Used one cost $157 and lasted barely 2 years (I didn't realise I was dealing with a wrecker).

I put the top part of the old switch into central locking but it didn't seem to lock from the switch? Locking from the outside the doors lock in unison. My wife will tell me if it works or not as it is her car.

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