Possible exhaust leak issue?

kiwikid2005, Feb 15, 8:39am
So, my parents (on separate occasions) borrowed my '95 (NZ new) Corolla to run some errands and both came back to me (again, separately) saying that they reckoned they could smell exhaust fumes in the cabin.

Before they raised it with me, I had thought that there might be a problem, but I put it down to tailpipe fumes getting inside the car when I wound down the driver's window. with those fumes getting stuck in there when I wound the window up again.

On another occasion . which happened to be a completely calm and still day. after turning off the car and jumping out, I did notice that the exhaust smell [outside] the car was suffocatingly strong. I was thinking: 'That can't be normal. the exhaust fumes surely aren't supposed to be that strong?'.

So, what to do? What's going on? An exhaust leak?

I know that the family mechanic picked up a hole in the intake manifold that has had a welding repair done to it a couple years back. maybe that has something to do with it. ?

But I'm definitely one of these 'Pay someone else to do it' types. so do I take it to an exhaust specialist? I'm scared they'll say 'Whoddaya on about, there's nothing wrong. no smell inside the car'. because I'd say that most of the time, there isn't. but maybe that's 'cause I'm driving it all the time and I just don't notice.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

jmma, Feb 15, 8:59am
Check boot/hatch rubber seal. It will not be fitting correctly somewhere.
Sucks it in with window open is the clue (o:

kiwikid2005, Feb 15, 9:08am
Awesome, thanks. I hope it is that simple!

mechnificent, Feb 15, 6:45pm
Jmma sounds right but to check for leaks in the exhaust you can idle the car and hold a rag over the exhaust outlet till it builds up pressure. If there are no leaks it will probably stall the motor. If it doesn't stall it it might have a small leak that you may or may not hear from the back of the vehicle. You could get someone else to hold the rag while you go along listening or feeling for the leak. Don't put your hand on the exhaust, just near it.

kiwikid2005, Jun 16, 3:07am
Awesome tip, will have a go, thanks heaps!

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